Here, There And Every Where…

As some of us celebrate Easter (and for those who know what this season is supposed to signify) I cannot help but to think about death, or perhaps more specifically, the notion that maybe there is a life after death.

Okay. Like politics, your views on this matter may or even should be private; something that you admit to and discuss with those nearest and dearest; certainly not here on this so-very-not-at-all-private-forum. But, I have committed to airing my shit with yall, so I’ll put it out there. On this Easter morning, let’s address this.

I do not think that this is it. Or, maybe more accurately, I choose to believe that there is more than this. Now, this is not because I’m greedy (although I am); it is simply because I truly think that when we get either up or down there, we begin again – maybe not with the same conversations, loves or lives that we had here – but with conversations and lives that are more indicative of our new “digs” J

Ha-ha; let me try to be serious. I believe there is an ‘after-life’. I do believe that after our physical selves leave this earth, our spiritual selves and/or our souls begin again someplace else. I believe that not one of us is simply living one single life; but that we have all been and will again be on this earth – maybe to try to get it right all over again, or maybe for practical reasons – God is tired making new molds for human beings. So like the rest of the planet, He too is now recycling… humans. Hahahahaha.

Listen, I sure do hope there is more, because like I told my daughter, “no matter when I die, I just know it will piss me off; because it will be at a very inconvenient time and there would have been more plans left unfulfilled!” Truly. So for me, there needs to be a continuation, a “pick up where I left off” opportunity so I can get to the other plans and goals on my “To Life” list J

See, I am here and while I am here, I have constructed for myself quite the plan of things I would like to have the time to do and achievements I plan on accomplishing. There are people still to meet and love still to experience. In this, I admit to immense greed! My hunger for life and all that I just know is littering my path is insatiable; so I need to believe that what I have not gotten to in the time that He allots to me on this go-round, He will let me get to on the next. (He’d better!).

But, I sometimes wonder where a belief in an ‘after-life’, a ‘life-after’ or simply ‘another-life’ comes from. Does it originate from our religious interpretations and beliefs, or is it somewhat socially constructed out of our possible fear of death? Does the thought of “something more” bear out our fear at the notion of “nothing more” after we die? Does it bring us comfort to believe that we just do not simply cease to exist, we just move on to another place and life? Hmmmmm. Or, are our thoughts less fearful and narcissistic and point in a more religious direction – that of an ‘after-life’ where we get to meet and sit with God? Where we get acknowledged for all the good we supposedly did while here and rewarded for same? Is that life truly the place where we get to wear white linen all day (that never gets dirty), sit and lay on shit that rivals any down-filled contraption we may buy here and where there are no more tears (as Johnson & Johnson used to promise us)?

I’ll shut up; I’m sure yall got some eggs to go hunt and some familial obligations to fulfill. Happy Easter to you all! I hope that you enjoy whatever and however you choose (or are forced) to spend your day. And, for those of you that I do not get to meet while we’re here, rest assured, next time… J




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