Just Like Facebook, This Writing’s On The Wall :)

Judge Judy says, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to have a good memory”. Along that vein, I say, “If you live with honor, you don’t have to worry that I blog”. Hahahahaha.

You see, the truth is that I do depend on and am lucky that I am able to, from the happenings around me, extrapolate the fodder I need to then highlight social, societal and life issues; I truly do not have to fabricate circumstances. However, as much as my topics are ripped from my (personal) headlines, I pride myself on the knowledge that the names have been omitted to protect the innocent and shield the guilty. Ha-ha. Seriously, I am always cognizant of the fact that as the topics or subject-matter may be universal, the individuals and emotions are decidedly singular and personal.

But, as I speak about humans and more specifically humans’ nature, I cannot help but to be amazed and amused by our ability and even justification for the choices we make when it comes to exposure. It amazes (and amuses) me that we are (well, some are) quite comfortable with and even may seek the attention with regard to the decisions, actions and behaviors that spotlight us in a seemingly good or favorable way, yet then keep our fingers crossed that the electricity goes out when it comes to those traits and behaviors that, well, also shed light.

Let’s really give that some thought; yes, let’s address this. I’ll start with me – at the moment of conception, I knew and vowed that if I were truly going to do this, to dedicate both your and my time on an almost-daily basis to writing and reading this date and time-stamped expression of my thoughts, it would be worth it – it would be substantive. I also knew that I would, every day, expose myself to you, in the hope that that exposure would help, heal or make happy.

So as we’ve gone on, life has provided much to address; and for that, I am eternally grateful. Through my shenanigans and yes, sometimes yours, I have gotten so much to share and to use in an effort to highlight or educate. I have taken experiences, happenings and decisions and stripped them down to their levels of importance; and through them, we have all learned. Thank you. Now let me say this – Fury/Diane/My truth is the only one that I have ascribed ownership to. I have proudly stood behind and next to my bullshit, raised my leg, pissed all over it and left my verbal DNA. I have let you know when I was laughing, crying, grieving and mad as fuck! And yes, I have laughed at, cried with and rolled my eyes at some of you… anonymously.

… Which now brings me here. I believe that I “use my powers for good, not evil”; so, when I recount or address instances that may have happened, my intention is never to hurt or humiliate (forget you – my integrity demands that I do not live that way). Having said that however, it is always my intention that what I discuss resonates enough to invite introspection or encourage change – socially or personally. In all areas of my life, I shy away from and shun the trite, superficial or fluff… “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Yes, I have proudly shared my good, bad and my ugly and I have anonymously used snippets of some behaviors in an effort to let that shine the light on social and personal epidemics that need to be addressed in an attempt at change. I will continue to do so. What those guilty of said behaviors fail to realize is that my (positive, public and focused) intention will always be greater than their (private) shame. Additionally, we all need to realize that when we solicit attention by our actions and demeanor, we no longer are the scripters of the kind of attention we garner. I will always recount, share and applaud the people and the actions that uplift, encourage and shine an encouraging light; but, I will also always use the instances of less than our best behaviors to, not only prove our duality as human beings, but to also encourage dialogue and thus change.

Listen, I write; but more importantly, I tell the truth. Stay away from my radar if your shit is so unsavory that you would prefer I not use IT (not you) as an incredible educational moment. But, that also means that I do not get solicited to put on blast any possible accomplishments. Life is not made up that way – the truth in life is that we get both the good and the bad. The honesty in life is that we acknowledge and own up to both. The absolute splendor to life is that, if we are smart and desire to evolve, grow and excel, we become less concerned with how we look and more interested in the opportunities to confront our bullshit, and grateful for the space allowed to learn from and change it. That can only be achieved with awareness.

Like I said on July 27th, 2014 – “So, let’s begin. Let’s Address This…”

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