Taking #tbt Tooooooooo Far!

diMe: Standing aside watching as my very corporate clients begin to arrive for a very corporate event.

Me: In my very corporate attire and with matching demeanor.

Him: Five minutes after entering, motioning me over toward him and his ten very corporate looking colleagues.

Me: Approaching with my very corporate smile, “how can I help you sir?”

Him: (Addressing his colleagues; I was simply a prop), “see, I told yall… they’re all models here! This is what they’re known for… employing models!025

Him: (Now addressing me), “right? Of course you’re a model, right?”

Him: Fifteen minutes later being overheard explaining to yet another group of very corporate colleagues, “… models working here!”

The moral of this little ditty? The right lighting can fool some of  this city’s most successful very corporate men and have them display well, a less than model demeanor! Ha-ha.

20140724_170432-1Happy Friday yall! Here’s wishing you get to stand under a light that hits you just right…J


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