S.he E.manates M.agic A.nd J.oy

A few years ago (I won’t reveal how many, as that would age both of us) I met a young lady who, over time and through experiences has become one of my dearest friends – in truth, she is my sister.

As we have been fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of this life together, that time and space has allowed for so much laughter, tears, accomplishments, revelations, shared confidences and what will undoubtedly become much-valued memories.

The young lady I met years ago has become a woman that I greatly admire – for her strength, determination, integrity, talent, ambition, peace and a hell of a lot of patience! As a friend she is invaluable. As a mother she personifies inspiration. As an entertainer (one half of the duo Love Evolution), she is indeed breathtaking magic. As a member of this place we inhabit, this life, she is necessary.

Today, please send up blessings to my friend, my sister, one of my go-to people, Semaj, as she celebrates this day of her birth. Happy Birthday my friend! Love you big!mic love



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