Money Doesn’t Grow On Pleas

Don’t know ‘bout yall but it’s been a very loooooonnnnnnngggggggggggggg week for me; I’m glad the time dedicated to recharging of the batteries is mere hours away.

It hasn’t been a particularly bad week (with the exception of a friend dealing with the loss of her father); it has just been taxing. So now I’m sitting under a dryer after getting my very-long-overdue hair washed before heading into work to do a very long evening/night.

So as I sit here with the only sounds that of air circulating around me doing it’s thing and of my mind flitting from this to that, I have decided to have a chat with yall cause, well, we do have some things to address. So let’s do this… let’s address this. Money. Let’s address some of the mind-set associated with those who have a lot, those with a bit and those with very little.

Now, at one time or another I have either been or been with someone that slipped nicely into one or the other of those categories (if you’re bored try figuring out which is which; ha-ha); so I absolutely feel qualified to both have and voice my opinions on same; here goes – no matter where you fall in that ‘lot to little’ scale, when you’re sitting down to evaluate and to count the things in your life that truly matter, what adds significant lasting value the amount of money in your bank account means zero – no matter the number of zeros.

Right. So now that I have dispensed with the trite (but true) “money can’t buy you happiness” bullshit let’s get down to some nitty-gritty. Just about the only thing that money can’t buy is happiness; but for everything else, food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare, sex, experiences, transportation… even the trappings necessary to attract the attention of your ‘other’ so that you can attain and keep said happiness, you need some money! So, anyone who attempts to convince you that you are putting too much emphasis on the currency is either (1) broke as hell, or (2) ignorant as hell. Either way, run like hell!

Listen, it’s a romantic (and foolish) notion to think that we can survive on love; that “as long as I have you, that is all I need” foolishness. And, don’t take my word for it, Google the reason for the number one cause of divorce – financial stress (unless of course you live in Trinidad… then that will be Carnival! Hahaha). To date (and I been living for a while now) I have yet to hear of anyone getting divorced because of too much love. So yes, some may say that “money is the root of all evil” but the truth of the matter is, the lack of money is at the root of much evil. The worry, anxiety, stress and desperation that accompany not being able to meet all one’s obligations can be downright life-threatening.

Then, there are those with just a little too much of that stuff; ha-ha. Yup, those with too much green and not enough gray… matter, that is. Yes, there most certainly is such a thing as having too much; excess can be as problematic as lack. Of course, there are many that have done really beautiful and supremely generous things with what we may see as their excess; and, thank God for them. There are those that have, if not changed, greatly affected the world by their magnanimous gestures of philanthropy. There have also been others that share their good fortune in much smaller, personal and private ways – ensuring that their loved ones are safe and secure. Again, thank God for them; this world needs those moments of generosity that help to soothe some of what ails it.

For those of us who live permanently in the middle of these two financial extremes, the realities and demands for what we earn are still life-shaping. It seems at times (at least for me) that I am called upon to pay to breathe. True. It’s almost as if one has to pay to be alive. Sigh.

So money….. the truth is it is as important as the necessity for air and food – because without it we cannot buy the food we need and as has been proven just a few short months ago, you will need the shit to buy air (well, Kanye’s as least!). Okay, not sure why I started to think about this – maybe because after I get my hair washed I will be called upon to shell out some to pay for said service. Or maybe because the breakfast I ordered (and come to think of it, so too the lunch and dinner) will have to be paid for, eventually J . The reality that none of us can get through a day without spending money or benefitting or utilizing something that has cost money is quite telling. Accepting that for many this reality causes at times debilitating stress and some dire consequences is something that should be acknowledged and addressed.

There’s an amazing quote that says, “What you take for granted someone else is praying for…” Whether that’s love, a child, a career, a home, good health, food, security or money, let’s vow to take just a little bit of time and give a little bit of thought to any way we may be able to share either our good fortune or excess with another who may be just a tad bit less fortunate. I’ll start… anyone need a pair of shoes?

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