Wake A Minute…

Just turned on the news and immediately it ran like this: “two dead and two more injured in a shooting at a wake in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. Two killed (28 and 26 years old) in an accident in Queens overnight…” I turned on the news and in four minutes I heard of four dead – and, that was only on Eyewitness News. As GMA started, it launched straight into the images of what is happening in Baltimore. Sigh.

I recognize that I am just one voice, so I am not so arrogant to think that my call for peace will be the voice that is finally heard; but I will continue to ask – in fact, I am begging. This has to stop! This senseless taking of lives, the chronic disregard for others’ right to peace, safety, liberty, for life must end! The only place this looting, violence, ignorant retaliation, bullets, stones and knives is taking us is to our graves!

Too many dead. Too many hurt. Too many locked down. Too many disrespected. Too many on the streets. Too many misguided. Too many dishonored. Too many left behind. Too many groveling. Too many uneducated. Too many without hope. Too many broken. Too many without guidance. Too many with the wrong influence. Too many too spoiled. Too many too indulged. Too many without boundaries. Too many taught hate. And the truth is, so often we give ourselves license to behave in what we consider “our little piece of the world” however it damned-well suits us. What we either fail to realize or do not give a fuck about is the reality that our actions are giving permission to someone else for something else. Make no mistake – this world is seemingly made up of those opting to always be less than; it seems adopting behaviors that reflect same will always be the choice made because let’s face it, being a human being that lives with a marginal moral code (not even a superior one) requires not only hard work, but a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Listen, we’re losing; and we’re losing badly! We’re not even smart enough to be winning a battle but losing a war – our dumb asses are losing it all! Sigh. Please, let’s stop the senselessness. Let’s try minding our own businesses and leave others to do the same. Let’s employ constructive ways to have our voices heard and our grievances aired; we are “cutting off our noses to spite our faces” here. Too many of us are too educated – let’s start living that way and leading by example. Let’s start by showing we value lives and souls by the way we interact with each other – our parents, our partners, the deli clerk, the waiter, the bus driver, the fellow strap-hangars, the teacher, the bank teller, the elder walking in front of us, the youngster on the street corner – let’s stop disrespecting, disregarding and dishonoring those near to us and not expect that that trickles outward.

I pray for the souls of those lost and for the strength of those they have left behind to miss and mourn them. I promise… we’ll get it right.



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