In The Name Of The Father…

Dear Lord,

IMG00383-20111125-2131I woke up this morning; thank you. As I go through this day, I ask that you order my steps and my conversations. I ask that you put in my sight those things that I need revealed and veil those that don’t. Lord I ask you to watch over my temper, that you soften the words that may hurt and sharpen the ones that may heal. Father, please continue to watch over and bless my daughter, Aneesa Adele (especially as I know she will be going out on a boat today, drinking and what not). I ask that you guide the hands and the minds of those both driving her there and back and the ones in charge of the vessel. I am thanking you in advance for her safe return home. Father while you’re at it, please spread your grace to my niece Danielle and my nephew Noah; I am asking that you place peace and wisdom in their minds and hearts. As ‘Nona continues on her journey of life, protect her Lord. And, not forgetting the littlest ones, Lord please fill the lives of Makayla, Ty and Riley with joy, peace, security, discipline, compassion, gentleness, fearlessness, ambition and love. I ask that you infuse my sisters and me with the strength and wisdom to watch over, protect, teach and be the best examples for those you have entrusted to us.

Not finished yet J

Father I ask that you look down on this world you have shared with us and restore order. I demand (yup) that you eradicate hate from the hearts of those that are steeped in it. I beg of you to rain blessings down on those that are homeless and hopeless; show them the miracles you can perform. For the ones in despair, please reveal peace. For those with heartache, Father please soothe and heal. The ones without food please feed. Those without money, please provide jobs. No homes? Lord please provide shelter. Many without joy Lord; please restore laughter. Father…for my personal favorites – the ignorant – the ones with the prejudices and judgments; the ones with more destructive words and actions than wisdom – I ask that you educate them and if they defy education, then Lord I ask that you stop them… by any means necessary. For those ill, please heal. For the ones you have called ‘home’, please send comfort to those left behind.

Getting there…

For all those I love and the ones that love me back, Father I ask that you grant the wishes and needs of their hearts; but, I pray that you only give those things you deem worthy. I thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon my life; I see your hand in so much around me. I thank you in advance for all that I know you will continue to do. Lord, I ask your forgiveness for my sins – those I have committed and the ones yet to commit. I thank you for the strength and courage to continue to live, work, love, partner, parent and succeed in your name (and I really need that strength-business… this journey is no joke!).

I woke up this morning and I wanted to talk to you. We haven’t spoken much, you and I since the loss of my son three years ago; I was/am angry as hell! Yet, even through my anger and pain I am still able to recognize your work and blessings in my life… wanted to acknowledge it. Can’t honestly say that you’ve made up for allowing that to happen, but I do thank you for allowing some sunshine in. There is so much more I could/should have said in my prayer, but that’s all I can get out now. Oh, then there’s this… “Thank you for my life.”


2 responses to In The Name Of The Father…

  1. cheryl

    Wow! That was a beautiful prayer! The thing about your worda is that you’re able to write what people want to say and can’t. Thank you for that – you are a blessing to me! Xoxoxoxo

    P.S: I’m running out of wall space to hang up all of your writings! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Let's AdDress This... – Author

    You are very generous, babe; thank you. That blessing goes both ways… for sure.


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