When choosing a partner to share your time and life with, aside from the superficial – beautiful (female or male), sexy (female or male) and well-endowed (female or male), along with the obvious – makes you laugh, has a job/home/car and can fuck, please, do yourselves a favor and move these to the very top of your list! Truly. Listen to me on this one (and feel free to let me know the others I may have neglected that you deem important as well)…


  1. Find a partner that is dependable – in his/her morals, decisions, behavior, commitment
  2. Find a partner that has the desire and strength to defend you – physically, emotionally or verbally
  3. Find a partner that honors you – one that never foregoes your worth – despite anger or distraction
  4. Find a partner that empowers you – lending you their strength when yours is depleted
  5. Find a partner that is not afraid or incapable of affection – publicly or privately
  6. Find a partner that is willing to sit through things that are important to you (and may be less so to them)
  7. Find a partner that has the ability to recognize when the good in life happens – that will translate to include you
  8. Find a partner that is able to prioritize – career, family, fun, friends… you
  9. Find a partner that laughs with you – never at you
  10. Find a partner that thinks you’re beautiful – not just “hot”
  11. Choose a partner that shows up for you – physically, emotionally, verbally, mentally and conversationally

And then, my favorite favorite – the man that understands the depth behind the forehead kiss… ahhhhhh.

2 responses to Partnershit

  1. cheryl

    Good morning! I think that #1 should be has integrity and is dependable. # 3 should be respects & honors you and that should move to the #1 spot..

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