Fumble Of Joy

Someone asked me a couple of days ago whether I liked, “other people’s children.”

I have not stopped thinking of the question because on its surface, it can be a very important question in attempting to gauge how someone may treat your offspring. On the other hand however (and it IS a however), asking that of someone that has established has her own child is really asking, not if they like children, but instead if they would be willing to tolerate some (potentially) bad-ass ones!

There’s a lesson here; so let’s address this. I have said this before, but clearly some aren’t listening or understanding, so will reiterate – you parents (yes yall; ‘cause I have never been compelled to “prep” anyone before meeting my child!) need to stop raising children according to your amount of love and tolerance. Furthermore, given the divorce (aka, “baby-mama/baby-daddy”) rate, you also need to start raising your children anticipating that soon enough you will be trying to ingratiate them to some new “uncle” or “aunty”. Fact.

Stop raising brats. And to do that you will need to stop making excuses. It truly is okay to recognize and admit that somewhere along the way you have made a few wrong turns with regard to good parenting. All of us do/did. But, what makes you a bad parent is your unwillingness to reign in both your and your bundle of joy’s behaviors! I promise you the rest of the world will never have the patience, love or tolerance you do.

It’s simple really – rear the type of human you will never feel the need to apologize to the rest of the world for – before their introduction.



2 responses to Fumble Of Joy

  1. Reader to be named later

    Wish you delved into this more but I’ll take what I can get


    • Let's AdDress This... – Author

      I have actually touched on this subject (parenting and its foibles) once or twice before. Chances are, I will again – spoiled little darlings are a particular sore spot of mine; and, they’re everywhere!


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