Fallacy Or Phallicy?

Do you know, I honestly (stupidly) thought that we were passed that time in life where women were discriminated against… simply for being a woman. And, I am specifically addressing the discrimination that is attached to what women are paid in comparison to our male counterparts… for the same position/title (and oftentimes doing much more work).

I am having this conversation with you this morning because I swear, I am flabbergasted! Not only did I think the world had moved passed that particular bit of ignorance; but, I am now left to shake my head at how long this has been going on… right below my clueless nose. Let me apologize for this next statement, but there really is no other way to effectively say this – clearly I have been engaged in a prolonged state of being “blonde”. Sigh.

So, I work in an industry that is predicated on image; I get that.  The younger, taller and more beautiful you are deemed to be (by some arbitrary judges), the better. (Listen, you don’t judge…. I stealthily sneak past the ‘image police’ at the ropes). That, I have gotten used to and have afore-chalked it up to being an integral (albeit, superficial) part of NY nightlife. But, it certainly eluded me that yet another integral part of this industry that I have cultivated a love-affair with for the better part of, well, let’s just skip that… for quite a while, is also male-dominated (that I knew) and chauvinistic (knew that too). I am only just realizing how blatant (aka, insulting) that chauvinism is, however.

For the sake of this argument, let’s use me as an example. Let’s say I work hard, am intensely loyal and take on and handle responsibilities that are not only mine, but often those that belong to others as well. For the sake of (this) argument, let’s assume that I prioritize my professional responsibilities above all else – sacrificing any semblance of a social life. To bring this home, let’s make me the type of employee that comes early, stays late, foregoes vacations and oftentimes blurs the responsibility line between employee-manager-owner. Fuck it… let’s say that I were the type of employee that a smart employer would do his best to value and keep. Don’t forget though – I am undoubtedly female (because not for nothing, few men would be able to rise to the list I just laid out).

Here’s the interesting thing though in this (supposedly hypothetical) scenario – with all of that, it is highly possible and more than probable, that a male employee doing one-tenth of that work-load will garner a salary and additional peripheral compensations that far outweigh what I am offered – for no other reason than what he has in his pants, hangs. Seriously. Surprisingly (at least to me), it appears as if quite a few men get compensated simply based on the fact that at their birth, the doctor checked off the box marked, “M”. For some, there seems to be a mental impossibility that disallows for the reflection in the value of a woman’s work and worth in her monetary compensation.

Lord have mercy… it seems that no matter how many steps forward we take as a society, there is still so much more work that needs to be done; blatant reminders of how disproportionately some have been treated historically. But, the good news is that we are making strides, slowly; the fact that conversations are happening is a step in the right direction. One of the major differences we enjoy now as opposed to what our fore-fathers have had to endure is our recognition of and dedication to our right to speak up and freely.

Let’s address this: it’s truly time that more employers begin to recognize, acknowledge and compensate women for the phenomenal jobs we do! The out-dated reality that mandated we accept the rhetoric that our performance and endurance lacked in comparison or relation to our men, needs to go the similar way of the banning of interracial relationships, banning of gay unions/marriages, inability to vote, separate schools, bathrooms, water-fountains, back of the bus bullshit… you get the picture, right? The ignorant, sexist, imbecilic thought-process that negates compensating women equal to or, when appropriate, better than men needs to end.

Let me put it this way… your dick may be big and it may hang low, but unless you are completely autonomous thus capable of using it to go fuck yourself, you would be wise to appropriately value what a woman does 😉




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