Taking Off Those Damn Big-Girl Panties! Time For Some Thongs :)

So, I’m done. Another semester down. One step closer to my ultimate goal. Whew!

In the meantime, I am soooooooooooo looking forward to taking some time for myself and, spending time with some of you. It has been way too long! It is well documented the self-imposed rigid reins I implement during the semester when it comes to anything (and anyone) that has little bearing to either school work or plain ol’ work. But, I am happy to announce that I have not simply loosened said reins… I have flung the shit away – well, until August that is J

Let’s play. Seriously; let’s. There is still some room on my ‘dance card’ for you; but, you’d better hurry the fuck up! Ha-ha. Okay, all joking aside, I cannot begin to adequately articulate how excited I am to have some down-time. I am in desperate need of it. It has been quite a while since I have done anything that wasn’t subject to a grade (and no… I am not speaking of any naughtiness; jeez!) and it seems like forever since I was able to stay up late (this time I AM speaking of naughtiness!), with something other than a damned book in my lap 😉

There’s so much I need to attend to; me, you, life. I have a series of ‘wellness’ appointments set up, because unfortunately, one of the causalities of my life when in-semester is always my health. I honestly relegate it to something I pay peripheral-at-best attention to. I keep my fingers crossed that nothing breaks and ignore the rest. Sigh. So, that’s at the top of my to-do list. Simultaneously (because I can go back to multi-tasking like a boss), I will infuse renewed life into a social life and, vigorously apartment hunt. When the fall semester begins at the end of August, I intend to be in my new home, settled and ready to kick some more academic ass! Like I said – “much I need to attend to”. But, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am! At the end of yesterday’s final final, the shift to my ‘other’ self was immediate. Truly. And, I intend to approach my leisure time with the same diligence with which I approach my in-semester-always-working time. So… seriously, come play with me!

Goodness; I wish I could explain to you why this moment is so significant. When I can, I promise I will. In the meantime however, suffice it to say that this year is a pivotal and monumental one for me… and, there will be a (public) celebration! I truly feel as if I am finally growing up; and with that, my reality has shifted. Shit! I remember just a few short months ago I was afraid (yes, me), giving too much worth and importance to things and people that had become habit. So much had been changed. But, the “shake-up” I had dreaded mainly because of its effect on my academic life, has turned out to be just what the doctor-I-don’t-visit ordered; because, as I admit that things are definitely not easy, they certainly are great!

Listen. To. Me. I am absolutely not going to be writing any thought-provoking shit this morning – today I giving myself off from being smart – I’ll take the ‘C’. Ha. I will say this however, “Thank you for getting me through this past semester. Writing for you, getting your feed-back and just knowing that you have been out there, in my mind rooting me on, has gotten me up and through some very frustrating times. So, before I completely kill my brain cells celebrating, everything in me thanks everything about you.” Me.

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