Your Memory Bank Charges Higher Interest Than Citibank!

When you wake on a morning that bears the name, ‘Memorial Day’, it naturally follows that it encourages memories. That is just a “gimme”. So before I get into that, I would like to pay homage to all the veterans of all the wars, to the servicemen and women – those alive and those who have lost their lives – I would like to join my adoptive country in expressing gratitude for your service, your bravery, your courage in the face of what most likely was immense fear, your selflessness and your patriotism. I would especially like to apologize for our inability to continue to honor you stateside in the manner you deserve for having risked your lives in our defense – for having you fight yet another ‘war’ against your own country upon your return. I read a quote; it said, “Land of the Free, because of the Brave…” Thank you.

I woke up this morning very early because my mind was flooded with memories – of people I once knew and things I needed to do (I hope yall appreciate how that rhymed). So, I gave up trying to tell myself to “go the fuck back to sleep; today is a holiday!” got up, made a cup of tea and sat down to start handling some of that “things I needed to do” list. Let’s address this. Let’s address memories…

Have you ever taken the time to realize that all of life is simply a series of experiences that, in the second after they have occurred have already been converted to an eventual memory? Yes, that quickly! In fact, that last word I typed and the thought-process I used to choose it have already been replaced by the one I plan to use next… and so on and so forth. In fact, we too are simply a memory of who we were yesterday; and the people we know? Well, the best we can hope for is that those meant to will continue on with us, so that we get to be a continuous part of their daily reincarnations and them with ours. The rest? Well, they become “people we used to know” – with behaviors, words and actions that are now memories.

Doesn’t it make you kinda wonder either, (1) “then, what is the point?” or (2) “if it all happens/changes so very quickly, should I not even blink for fear of missing something?” It does me. I mean, if realities convert to memories so very quickly and ultimately so inevitably, then at times I wonder not if it makes sense to have some of the experiences I do, but certainly if it is necessary or even prudent to invest as much as I do into them. But then I think – the answer to that is determined by the quality of the memory I would like. See, if I want my memories to be as substantive and chock full of gooey-goodness as I like my current reality, then I would be well advised to continue infusing said substance and gooeyness into the present J You see, I have decided that I am so very greedy over (my) life that I want to look back and smile the same way I look forward and dream!

“In the blink of an eye”… yes, so many things happen that fast or change that quickly; “life” stands still for absolutely no one until we die. Given that reality, what should scare us is not blinking, but having nothing that panics us to not want to miss. Truly. I would much prefer to blink and risk missing a bit of something good than to always have my eyes open hoping to find something good. The former means I am living, the latter that I am hoping to L

Memories. For so many however, what they are forced to remember can be filled with such horror that the mere thought of closing their eyes, whether for a second to blink or heaven forbid to sleep, is debilitating. Too many among us have been so traumatized, either by the wars abroad or the wars within their homes, that it makes hoping for a better tomorrow seem as futile as wishing to erase the memory of yesterday. Many have been diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) because of the experiences at home or abroad they have had to endure and others hold the memories of abuse, neglect, foreign and domestic terrorism and other violations and violence. For too many, what is happening in this exact moment is already carving deep and searing wounds into the next. Memories.

I woke up this morning with my past on my mind, but with my feet pointed toward my future. As I talk with you I am recounting so many of the recent-and-distant-past memories we have watched (because thankfully we did not have to experience many of them first-hand). As I talk with you I am praying that we all recognize the fundamental truth in the reality that this moment, no wait… that one, okay, here it comes again… this one, oh shit, alright that one… fuck! this one, is the moment we will be imprinting on our mCloud (that be, ‘memoryCloud’) and that it is up to us what we choose to look back upon to not only remember, but replay.



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