Her Little “White” Lie…

So, Rachel Dolezal was outed by her parents for and I quote, “pretending to be Black for years.” It seems as if most think the fact that a White woman had the nerve to reject and lie about her own “lily” race and of all things, opt to live as a so-called “minority” is the story and the headline here. For me, I am more interested in the motivation of her parents for starting this brouhaha. I mean, what could their motive(s) be? Heaven forbid… could it have something to do with the fact that they have been estranged for years after Dolezal and her Black husband adopted not one, not two, not even three, but four nappy-headed little children?! I truly could care less that she chose, for whatever reason to identify with my race; I am more interested in that familial drama! Truly.

You know, some of you have been quite vocal about wanting “those White people to know what it feels like to be Black;” well, your wishes have been heard and addressed! However, like in so very many areas of life, when we get what we want, we are still unsatisfied. Sigh. Personally I think she should be used as a case-study and allowed to “take the information she has learned as a “Black” woman back to her people!” Hahaha. Who the fuck cares, people?

But, I do care about what would make any parent utilize such a public forum to air what should be perceived as their child’s “dirty laundry”. I am very interested in much of our society’s investment in sensationalism. I shudder to realize that the list of what is considered personal dwindles by the moment. And, it scares me to think that as we revel in others’ misadventures, missteps and misfortunes, we remain oblivious to the fact that we are simply one YouTube video, microphone, pen stroke, selfie, FB post or Smartphone recording away from same. Collectively we have become a society dictated by our public personas – whether genuine or fabricated.

So yes, as with so many other goings-on I am unmoved by this supposed news-worthy revelation. Since the story “broke” I have been wondering why it has gotten so much attention and repetition; I am still at a loss. However, someone having the conversation (or many) with regard to the psychology behind anyone making the decision to live something/anything other than what society sees or perceives – gender, race, class – I will be all over that! I think we sell ourselves short and insult our own intelligences when to limit our conversations to what is most evident and on the surface. This would be a much better educated world and one that rebuffs the presence of mediocrity if we were to all stop settling for the morsels we are constantly being fed.

Michael Jackson pretended he were White (oh… and not a pedophile!). Queen Latifah pretends she is straight. OJ Simpson pretends he is not a double-murderer. Bruce Jenner pretended he were a man. Every once in a while maybe Jay-Z pretends he is single. Multiple times a day I am certain you, like me are called upon to pretend we either like our jobs, care about our co-workers or even that we had that orgasm. My point is this, in the realm of things we fake, delusions we may have or the “little white lies” we may feel justified to tell, a White lady pretending she is Black does and should not even rise to the top.

We need to get our priorities in order. And, we need to stop making it everyone’s business…


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