H.O.P.E – Hold On Pain Ends

There are very few words that can be strung together that will adequately quantify the amount of grief, or that can express hope, peace, calm or optimism for our future after such a hateful act as was visited on those innocent lives in South Carolina directly and their families and the nation peripherally.

And, that is the problem.

Because, well, there are no shortage of words that will very brutally express our well-entitled anger, hatred and calls for revenge. And in voicing those, we then continue the gunman’s intent for and legacy of hatred and malice.


I pray for their souls. I pray for the (eventual) peace, acceptance and soothing for their families. And, I pray for us all – because living amongst us every minute of every day are those that sit, wait and plot to hurt, to harm, to destroy, to terrorize, to abuse and to kill.

Listen, “Hate” looks like him. But “Love?” “Love” looks like us.

Rest in Eternal Peace. To Them. And, to all those to come…



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