Feeling Pride? I Do…

It’s taken me this long to put aside my, “what took you so fucking long?!” attitude and add my “hoorays” to the rest of the world’s. I admit to spending yesterday reading all the comments, looking at the (rainbow’d) colored photos and listening to all the recounting of a decision that should not have caused such a hoopla for one very simple reason… it should always have been legal for everyone, despite their sexual preferences, choices and orientation, to marry whom the hell they loved (or liked, because of either the sex or the money; ha-ha)! We need to become the world where the celebration of love between any two people is no longer news – it is the norm. But, I will temper my impatience and join you all in reveling in this monumental victory – not just for gays and lesbians – but, for those of us who are capable of seeing further than what is placed just beneath our noses – this is a victory for all you heterosexuals and all us bi-sexuals as well. A bit confused? Okay, let’s address this

While all you “straight” people and those who are decidedly “curved” but either unaware or in denial were off living your lives oblivious or unconcerned about the plight or the fight that the LGBT community had been waging for, well, decades, what you may have been unaware of is that every day, every single day that their right to equality was being denied and ignored, so to was yours. Indeed. Hear me out. There is no equality anywhere unless there is equality everywhere! I have said this before but so worth repeating – a nation’s, a society’s, a government’s, a leader’s, anyone in a position of power’s decision to deny any right for whatever reason, is more than likely to deny any other right for any other reason. So, take your heads out of the sand… you may have been able to get married (shit! As often as you wished), but were you always free to speak up? To travel wherever you desired? To gain entry into every room/store/building/park/school? Have you always gotten the job you knew you were qualified for? And if not, did you wonder if because of your gender, skin color, age?

People, the LGBT communities have been fighting for their right to be treated, if not fairly, then certainly as unfairly as the rest of us that consider ourselves “normal.” What I want to point out here is that we should all, regardless of our feelings toward two people of the same sex “doing it,” champion for their absolute right to not be discriminated against. Do not be so simplistic that you boil this down to a referendum on sex. This is and will always be a war against prejudice and dictatorship! Regardless of how it is spun, no one, nofuckingone should ever have the right to tell you how to love, whom to love, what to believe, how to worship… Let me wrap this list up – `NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL YOU WHO TO BE AND HOW TO THINK!

So, the gays can get married; good for them! Some are celebrating the fact that, “now they too can be as miserable as the rest of us.” Very cute! I am celebrating the fact that with this decision, we have hopefully taken yet another step toward eradicating injustices and promoting freedoms. For me, this decision says that minds that have been small and closed are beginning to open, allowing for new ideas and acquiescing to diversity. I am praying that continued movement like this will guarantee that my daughter’s and my grand and great-grandchildren’s world is more accepting, liberal, tolerant and free than mine is. With every “gay, I do” I am depending on the relief of the pressure that has been visited on the backs and the souls of Blacks, women, the handicapped, the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, the transgender – anyone, everyone that has been shunned, bullied, victimized, discriminated against, battered or rejected simply because they dared to be just a tad bit better… oops, I meant, different 😉

For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others…” Nelson Mandela.

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