I didn’t watch the soccer match on Sunday… I may have been the only person not to (or just the only person willing to admit it). But, I did know it was happening; and, I do know that “we” won and, I saw all the posts and re-posts of “the kiss that was heard around the world.” Believe it or not however, I will not be addressing that – that is too easy and, you all already know my feelings with regard to the fact that expressions of love – yes, even gay ones – are still considered note and news-worthy. Ridiculous!

But, I will focus. Yesterday I heard the report that compared what the players on the women’s team earn – in salaries, bonuses and endorsements – to their male counterparts… in the same damn sport! Here is the obnoxious reality – the men’s team is paid forty times more than the women’s! The ladies have a salary cap of $200,000; the men? $3.1 million! Yes, indeed. Oh, to add insult to injury, the men’s team gets paid more when/if they lose than the women do when/if they win! I cannot make this shit up!

Okay, do we really need to spend a lot of time delving into why this is the reality? Or are you just as satisfied as I am to use your time registering your (latest) outrage? I mean, it’s one thing to favor and pay the big, strapping, muscled men more money – if I cock (no pun intended) my head to the side a bit I can get comfortable with that. But to have the discrepancy be so very wide, so insultingly blatant is yet another matter! When I became aware of this foolishness you would have sworn that I not only watched the match and supported the team this past weekend, but that I even understood the sport! My outrage was/is that of a super-fan! In my defense however, I AM a super-fan of equality and fairness!

So the ladies get cheated. Oh… and did yall also know that never before has a women’s team in anything been given a ticker-tape parade in New York City?! Now again, it is well documented that I am as ignorant of sporting events as most white people are of how (natural) black girls get their nappy hair to stand up straight and proud; but, I know that in the history of both sporting events and ticker-tape parades, there must have been some women’s team or even individual that won something and deserved a celebration! I mean, what about those Venus/Serena sisters? Don’t they win everything?! Sigh. You know what? I had no idea that there was this kind of discrimination in sports. Truly. And maybe that is because I do not follow anything (unless of course my partner plays, then I’m all over that!). But, I truly never realized that discrimination and inequalities have spread to that arena as well. Like I said, if I give it thought I would expect that the powers-that-be will be unable to not discriminate, I am just balking at the vast “fuck-you!”

So, it’s being talked about… and I’m adding my two-cents (and clearly the girls will need it; hahaha). Additionally, this no-parade-for-us-ladies-thing needs to be permanently addressed! I can’t count (well, I can; but…) the amount of times I saw the Giants, Mets, Jets (impressed?) sitting their big asses all over some convertible waving and carrying on like beauty queens!! And yes, I know they are New York and well, these ladies are not. But quite frankly, millions of New Yorkers had their faces glued to their wide-screens and their wide asses glued to couches and stools on Sunday; so to quibble and attempt to split hairs (even the nappy ones) when it comes to honoring them is insulting! Do NOT get me started! People, discrimination is a habit and once started, for any reason, it becomes commonplace to carry on!!

Let me end on a positive/hopeful note – our world is changing and inequalities are being addressed and if nothing else, good intentions are being pointed in some of the right directions. So, there is hope. The chances are good that even as the ladies, these champions may need to borrow money to pay some bills, at least we will throw them a street-gala J Seriously. Sometimes I marvel at the disregard these policy-makers, these men exercise when it comes to honoring, or maybe it is better to say, dishonoring the very specie that gives them life! Imbeciles, one and all!

But like I said positive/hopeful. These girls kicked some ass (I Google’d it); good for them! And, that was one sexy-ass moment… that kiss! Who the hell cares that it was between two women? Okay, many people do. Not for nothing… let any soccer champion approach me, hot, sweaty and dripping after a win and I promise you all… Parade on ladies; very well done!

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