Repeat After Me. Repeat After Me. Repeat After Me. Repeat After Me. Repeat After Me…

The trick (well, for me) is to always keep moving. No silly, I do not mean moving homes; I mean moving through life.

I have found that inertia leads to so much mental destruction and that? Well that leads to so much trouble! Call it what you want – procrastination, deliberation, caution – all traits that denote one’s preference for inactivity over activity – clear indications that laziness has become the action of choice; the offender always seemingly getting ready to get ready.

Listen, “habit” is described as, “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.” It’s kinda like that quote that goes, “It takes a couple seconds to say hello, but forever to say goodbye…” Truth. (Well, most times). Forming a habit – and the truth is, forming a habit doesn’t necessitate that we enjoy same – simply requires our conscious (but oftentimes/most times) our unconscious acquiescence. Think about it – haven’t you seemingly woken up one morning and finally realized that the way you do something or a pattern of behavior you now have, the repetition, seems to have come from well, nowhere? When the hell did I start doing that?! Indeed. See, what had happen was, while you were adopting that passive approach to your life, something with more focus, more will and more drive decided to take over and exercise its domination.

Interestingly enough however is often, once we do reengage and realize we have picked up that nasty little bug, a lot of us are by then too lazy, unmotivated, passive, un-ambitious or clueless to redirect the behavior. Oftentimes we are unaware how long we have been indulging in that course of action, but we astutely surmise that it must have been quite a while because it feels so comfortable to do it. It feels natural. And for the rest of us that may acknowledge a change is necessary and may even be willing to do some work, we too are forced to admit this – a bad habit may sneak up on us unawares, neither seeking or requiring our (conscious) approval or agreement; but breaking said habit or replacing it with a positive or rewarding course of action requires our full active participation. And that? That is a lot of damned work!

“Prevention is better than cure.” “It is better to abstain than to moderate.” Choose either of these or implement any others you may be aware of and you will be on the right track. Staying focused on yourself, on your life and being plugged-in to the things you do, how and why you opt to do them will go a long way in ensuring you adopt healthy habits. Being the decision-maker, not one of the decision-makers in your life will guarantee that whether good or bad, what you do is what you want to do. If you approach your life positively and purposefully daily – habitually – your decision. If you constantly choose the path of least resistance, always opting for the easy or the things that require little attention or interaction from you, then that is your habit. The point is, make decisions; do not let them make you!

My habit is to never sit still long enough to collect moss, (“A rolling stone…” and all that). In my life, with my life I choose to always compete against myself. Yes; I meant to say, “compete against myself.” I set goals, achieve them and move on to the next. I set goals, almost achieve them and keep at it until I do. Then, well naturally I move on to the next. Personally and professionally. I have decided to make ‘always doing better’ my habit. One morning I woke up and realized that the only thing standing in my way was me. So, I promised myself to get out of my own way. To do so, I needed to pay attention to the things I had adopted that led to my stagnation; those things that had become habitual that I had allowed to lead my decisions. Then I set out to change them.

Listen, it’s not always easy and it certainly isn’t always pleasant. But, it is absofuckinglutely always necessary and worth it! In my intention to live the best life possible for me, it has become my habit to look at, evaluate and address my habits. I have decided to not have anything – certainly not anything I can control – negatively impact my goals, my decisions, my intentions or my aspirations.

Join me. Let’s dedicate together to make a habit of addressing our habits. Let’s keep the good ones and replace or re-direct the faulty ones. Let’s start nice and easy – one at a time – you will see immediate results. Trust me, Let’s Address This… habit.

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