Hitting A Home… Shit! Just Run!

I am unsure what difference I can make. How I can say it in a way that will resonate. That may halt an action. Maybe it has all been said before. And maybe, maybe, “You needed to be there to see what/how it happened!” But see, I have been there. And, because of that I will say this – and I have just realized that all I can do is keep on saying it – and maybe just to shut me up you will stop…

Black men, my men, please stop hitting your women. Please. There is nothing she can do to ever deserve that. Yes, I know… sometimes she can mouth off. Sometimes she seems to and does provoke the hell out of you. I know that at times you just wish she would understand, “What it feels like to be a (black) man out here!” She can’t. Can’t she see that you’re tired/drunk/angry/stressed/horny? Instead of helping (but naturally you don/t/can’t tell her how to) she just keeps adding fuel to the smoldering fire. Listen sometimes, sometimes some of us bitches out here need to be taught a lesson – the lesson that our daddies neglected to teach us; right? If we were shown just who the fuck is the boss, one time… one damned time, then we will all know how to act right. Ladies, learn how to discipline your kids so that they don’t upset daddy too much when he comes home; because well, we should be grateful he does come home. So, shut up, now. Come on, yall know the struggle is real. And, what the hell do you expect when you put your hands on him first, right? “She thinks because she’s a girl she can hit me and I won’t/shouldn’t hit back?” Yes.

Because nothing in that list of realities I have detailed measures up to your freedom. To your life. Her life. Your children’s lives.

Black men, my men, before you raise your hand to her, think about whether she is worth your freedom, your self-respect, your soul.

As a woman, as a beautiful, mouthy, educated, opinionated, bad-ass, at-times provoking, flawed, sassy, independent, slightly damaged, can-love-the-shit-out-of-you woman – my men – as your queen I can tell you the answer is an unequivocal, “NO”

Walk away…

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