“You Want A Piece Of Me?”

Logo - BitsOne year ago I embarked on a journey. A journey of self-exposure, revelation – of emotions and behaviors, truth, honesty, provocative thinking, of healing. And, I asked you to join me. To bolster me. To share your thoughts and experiences, or your opinions of my thoughts and experiences, with me. To help me string just the right emotions and words together that when together would help, would encourage, would give hope, would entertain, would inspire, would salve, would expose. You did. I do thank you.

Because of its intent, I called, I will continue to call this journey, my journey, our journey, Let’s Address This… Because of its content, I have promised, I continue to promise to always authenticate these words, “…Making My Mess My Message.”

So here we are one year later and, I am asking you to join me again. Today I (officially; yes, I have been dropping tidbits here and there lately) begin another journey – this one of exposure of another kind – theirs and mine. The encounters that happen so very often and, because of our hectic lives, our preoccupation with self, our never-ending distractions and the weight of our responsibilities, we may miss or discount. Encounters that embody my, your, their weight in feel-good gold! The truth is, oftentimes, most times, these moments are just that, moments. They can and often do happen in the blink of an eye, but their effect can last a lifetime (okay… at least a day or two!). I have them… often. So do you. Yes, you do; just pay closer attention. And, join me in addressing them.

As yall know, my first project, my first-born, gets all up in it – very very little is ever spared in my quest for a 360 degree conversation. This one? Well, this one is not that. Remember, we will be addressing encounters, moments, the hit-and-runs in our day. This one will contain the morsels, the tid-bits that make me laugh loudly at their incongruity or poke its index finger and touches my emotional sweet-spot. This one right here? Shit! This one has no redeeming qualities or aspirations; it’s not, ‘…Making My Mess blah blah blah!” This one is leaving my damned mess my mess!!!

My friends, let’s do this! Lets’s Address Bits

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