Every Tomorrow Is A Today…

So often we go through our days waiting – waiting to find out “why?” The “why?” behind this, that or the other. We waste precious moments trying to figure the reason things happen or certainly the reason they have happened the way they did. Countless invaluable time is wasted searching for the clues that should just lead to the answers we seek; oftentimes not moving forward but standing still because without the motive, the cause or the explanation to the events, occurrences and behaviors in our past, we hesitate or fear stepping into our future.

I have news for you – the future is now… This is the day you were worrying about yesterday and determined to not herald in until you had figured out that other day’s bullshit. It’s today. It got here. And, so did you. But see the truth is, one “today” you will not get here and neither would I. Someday, we will have run out of “todays.”

Listen, today just figure out what you can and for fuck sake, just leave the rest alone! Do not let the clutter or the noise distract you! What you do not get, what hurts, haunts or harasses you, leave it in the space, on the day it happened. Do not take it with you to your tomorrow. While you wait for (not worry about) the answers to your questions, never forget to continue to live. Do not let waiting become your life. Revelations happen in the midst of action. In fact, they happen because of action!

Sometimes the questions are complicated. And the answers are simple…”




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