Knowledge Is Indeed Power!

I was one among five Trinidadians having a conversation on Wednesday. One of the topics (and I admit I raised it) was the transgender community in general and Ms. Jenner in particular. I posed the question as I wanted to get the “temperature” of the opinions of a Trini living in Trinidad with regard to this very very hot-button topic. Here is what stood out for me – we are a people that demand (and yes, I guess deserve) the right to full-disclosure. We insist that those among and around us let us know absofuckinglutely everything about them that is note-worthy – their ages, their relationship status, their race, their political and religious views, their professional achievements and goals, their level of education, their sexual proclivities and now, what is under their pants or skirts. Yes, mainly we demand this information under the guise of complete transparency; but I am finding that in fact our predominant motive is judgment. We insist on information that is dressed-up as the stuff of all things casual and conversational, but that is then used to discriminate and snub. Someone (a woman) rejected the notion of Ms. Jenner (or, anyone like her) being able to use the same gender-identified bathroom as she. I asked a question: “where would you like her to go to relieve herself?” But the thought that continues to stay with me since that moment is this: if, unlike Ms. Jenner I never presented as any other gender than the one you all now are accustomed to – if, as I do, I always got up and put on dresses, heels and make-up and carried a purse, if, since the beginning of being noticed I always spoke in a cadence that one associated with being female and walked with that decidedly provocative sway from my pelvis area, if my career choices always leaned toward those of a woman (whatever the hell that means!), if I allowed my emotional outbursts to repetitively buttress everyone’s opinion of those of the feminine persuasion and on and on and on, then you would never dare to question my pushing on and walking into a bathroom that requires I squat to pee, right? You would never think to ask or suppose that I may have a penis under these dresses yall so admire!

And we wonder why people are sometimes so very secretive…

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