It’s A White Thing… You Wouldn’t Understand!

20150726_192626-1Yesterday I worked at an anniversary event that required everyone – guests and staff – to wear white. First, let me say, “Happy 1yr Anniversary!” to Diamondz; I am wishing them continued success (and a much bigger venue to house all those guests!). But, what I would like to address this morning is the solidarity that can happen when everyone is called to unify in one purpose…

So, yesterday I watched as a room-full of “white” people shed the attitudes, jealousy, bitterness and competitiveness to unify. I marveled that such an innocuous request could (seemingly) achieve what some hold multi-moment summits to. I smiled as I bore witness as approximately one hundred black men and women, dressed in white, dined, laughed, danced and celebrated success and life! It made me wonder if, in shedding our usual “uniforms,” those that we put on more comfortably, often and mindlessly, it allows for new concepts, mind-sets, experiences and attitudes.

This is New York; and for many of us that means as a rule, we get up and don something, or everything, black. Most of us probably don’t even give it much thought anymore; and, I will hazard a guess that for many, if we were to be blind-folded, positioned in front of our closets, spun around a couple of times then asked to reach in and pick something, that something may still be black! If you’re like me, a little black something takes precedence in that walk-in.

So as you may imagine, not only did I have to go out shopping (which was no hardship) in the search of something white (which surprisingly was), but I admit to having to re-adjust my mind-set as I changed my norm. I, as I’m now certain happened for many others as well, experienced a noticeable shift in my mood that permeated and fed off of the others in the room. At one point I looked out and realized, “Wow! They truly are like me!” A sea of faces, all different, most strangers, but with skin colors that stood out in stark, stunning relief against its white backdrop, as did the matching smiles. I remember thinking that with a simple gesture – demanding that everyone wear the same color – the intention may have been a fantastic photo-op, but the achievement? What was achieved was a stripping away of the outward distractions that then allowed for the emergence of a fantastic sense of security! A feeling of peace that emanated from neutrality. A purity.

So, we all wore white; and it was beauty. This may be common for some of you – these “white” parties are very prevalent. Believe it or not, it was my first (but, there was no outward manifestation of my loss of virginity J ); and, it resonated deeply. In the midst of so much turmoil, unrest, discrimination (outward and inward), hatred and anger, it felt good, it was good to celebrate life and success! A simple act like shedding the uniform of darkness we so readily don on a daily basis, for me eliminated my pre-disposition to thinking of violence – c’mon… yall know anytime you put a roomful of black folks together, some shit would jump off! Hahaha.

Color affects our mood; and mood affects our behavior. It felt lighter, uplifting and innocent to wear white yesterday. It kinda said, “I come in peace.” With a simple change of color we were all catapulted into a change of our attitudes, thus behaviors. It was refreshing. We should keep it up. It’s a shame we’ve banned it after Labor Day…

One response to It’s A White Thing… You Wouldn’t Understand!

  1. cheryl

    Yes, color does effect your mood. However, I find that the “all white (or whatever color)” events works like a school uniform. It puts everyone on the same playing field – so to speak. LOL!

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