“It’s Not Right But It’s Okay…”

I am not going to address that on GMA this morning, the death of (another) lion and the subsequent outrage was at the top of the 7:30am segment of the news. White people and their animals, boy…

Bobbi Kristina, finally you are at peace. This life should have offered you more than you received; and for that, anyone having played a part in your turmoil or demise will prayerfully be held accountable.

Not sure about you all but death confuses and with some of them, pisses me the fuck off! Okay… it scares me. And quite frankly, I find it highly inconvenient! I keep envisioning it happening to/for me while I am in the middle of doing something quite important; sigh (I will have to speak with someone about that).

As this young lady’s physical self is laid to rest today, I ask the Universe to quiet all the “noise” that was a constant companion in her brief life so that any truth needed to be revealed may rise to the surface and be heard.

whitney_and_bobbi_kris_27Go to your Mom…

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