Black May Not Crack. But It Sure At Times Can Be Whack!

I sat down to address yesterday’s very unpleasant encounter on the subway with one of those black women – you know the ones – the weave down to there (don’t start with me – I have absolutely nothing against the weaves; but you must admit, there is a culture and thus attitude adopted by the women who wear them), light-skinned, colored contacts and a screwed-up mouth feigning a sexy pout. I sat down to address her because said mouth twisted even more when I dared to ask her to move over so I can sit in the space that was meant for two. Honey took one look at me, up and down and it seemed her day/life got even worse and, she refused to uncross her legs and remove her (quite possibly) expensive purse from the seat. I exhaled. Yes, I opted to exhale instead of opening my mouth to address her.

I sat down to address yesterday’s very unpleasant encounter on the subway with one of those black women – to address the fact that historically the worse treatment I have ever gotten has been from those with my skin color (shade notwithstanding), but with a racist’s insides – but have now decided she/they are not even worth my ink or your time.

Have a fantastic weekend yall!


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