Stupid Trumps Black Every Time!

Finally I agree with all those who have been opposed to the presidency of Barack Obama. Those who have maintained he should never have gained access to the Oval Office. I agree with them because it seems as though his being elected – a black man – has now opened the door to a nation of people believing that office is now accepting applications from the unorthodox (aka unqualified). Listen, I have always maintained that other one, Bush, was a complete (as opposed to partial) idiot. But what I had to respect about him was his and his supporters and staff’s determination to attempt to hide same.

However, I am truly flabbergasted, amazed, stupefied and ashamed at the thought of living in a country where Donald Trump is not only responding to the ad placed for a new president, but that the perspective employers, we, are even entraining it. The mere thought that someone so full of hate, exes, prejudice, antagonistic qualities and arrogance and so lacking in finesse, diplomacy, qualifications and the ability to inspire confidence, answering the “secure line” in that big white house makes my very nappy hair stand straight!

Are we truly so far gone and committed to sensationalism that we are seriously entertaining the notion of placing this particular idiot in a position of such power? And, even if he never gets there, aren’t we taking this “Freedom of Speech” business a tad too far by allowing his right to do so usurp our right to only listen to all things and people credible? Especially with something so very important?! Imagine how the rest of the world and especially our enemies must be both laughing at and rooting for his victory!

I grew up with the adage, “Never air your dirty laundry in public” and, as much as clearly I believe there are those instances where doing just that is what is in one’s and other’s best interest, where, “Making your mess your message” does a collective good, Donald Trump has surpassed “dirty” and is in the realm of stink!

The man is a joke; and I sure do hope the joke doesn’t end up being on us!

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