“Isn’t She Lovely? Isn’t She Wonderful?”

I love to write. Or maybe it is more accurate to say, “I love to communicate;” and for me, stringing some of the absolutely spectacular words that have been invented for my use together on paper, watching them waltz in union, is just another avenue open to me in my desire to share and to understand. So yes, I love to write.

But every once in a while (okay, it happens more often than that), I sit down to write about either a person, a place or a thing that has touched me just so. Something or someone with a resounding impact. Today I am thrilled to be sitting with my tab on my lap, cup of tea at my side, ready to share something incredibly special with you all.

If you’ve been paying attention, not just “following” you would recall last year approximately forty days after I started this e-journal, I finally remembered to count the number of dresses I had worn consecutively – remember, it was a dress that started this entire thing. Once I had done so (counted) and realized I had worn a different one for each of those days, another idea sparked – I decided to give away a dress (because, well… who needs forty-plus summer dresses, right? Sigh. Let’s not even address the fact that I have since acquired more; shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!). The winner of my dress-auction, DeDe magnanimously suggested I donate the option and dress someone more in need; and, with your suggestions and the Universe’s help, we found her.

Marveling at and confirming the power and beauty of words, the word spread. Conversations obviously started to happen… literally around the world. But as amazing and magical things often happen, the young lady that would eventually allow me the honor of dressing her, walked into my life, oblivious to my intentions.

A friend suggested I think about dressing someone from my alma mater, Holy Name Convent in Trinidad (yes, yes, yes, I know…. my mouth and I DID go to an all-girl convent school!), as graduation was fast-approaching and maybe amongst the graduates there would be someone (I am certain, many) who could/would be worthy. I immediately loved the idea! A few days later she again got in touch to tell me of a conversation she overheard while waiting on her daughter after school between two other parents about the impending exams and graduation. I want to get to the fantastic part, so will skip the minutiae and get there…

I got in touch with the young lady’s mother and introduced myself. I shared with her some of my life-history, culminating with my blog. I invited her to read it – it kinda sorta is my digital resume. I asked her to please allow me the honor of being a part of the process of getting her daughter ready for a celebration she would so deserve. We both cried; quite a bit. Subsequently when I flew to Trinidad to spend the Christmas holiday with my own daughter last year, I met them all – the entire family! My God… each child with a more beautiful spirit than the next, smart, funny and absolutely gorgeous! More tears then. The parents? Their father had me rolling on the floor with laughter all through dinner and their mother? As gentle, gracious, warm-hearted, driven, supportive, loving…

Since that meeting, through a series of calls, messages and pictures, we found a dress we all liked J I admit that with a back-drop that is this beauty, anything (and everything) she chose would be stunning. She studied, sat and passed all her exams (we knew she would) and I admit to feeling like a very proud parent! Don’t tell her I told yall… but she got four Distinctions!! Naturally when I heard of her I as yet knew nothing of her character, ambition or abilities; I went on faith – and naturally, faith came through once again. Her hard work paid off, paving the way for whatever dreams she may have for her future. My hard work paid off, allowing me to be a part of an evening she would never forget.

received_739349502876904-1Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Giovanna on her graduation night. Her parents thanked me for blessing them. But what they may never fully understand is I am the one who is blessed. Being allowed the honor to share in such an intimate occasion, being trusted for my opinions, sitting and breaking bread with them all, the laughter, the tears that flowed from being overwhelmed at the amazing turns this journey called “Life” can reveal… the reality of one dress, one day that sparked one thought that brought me here…the honor, this honor will always be mine.



One response to “Isn’t She Lovely? Isn’t She Wonderful?”

  1. Colleen

    Yes, your dress enhanced her beauty – in and out. This was a great idea that you brought to fruition. It showed that the recipients were quite grateful. Your rewards are endless… You are emotional… And I am also…goose pimples all over. Love you my friend!
    Hey guess who I organized a lime for this evening…. Sherra Pierre! Yuh coming?😀


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