The seasons keep changing – hot cold, blue gray

suns setting and rising – heralding in the dawns over a brand new day.

Some things change – certain things remain the same

like love. Like hope. Like birth, death, hate – like hate, with no one taking the blame.


They say, “We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience.” We are, “Spiritual beings having a human experience…” this is so true

but what does having this knowledge encourage you now to do?

You see, knowledge is power – that is above reproach

there is only one thing to be debated here – and that is your approach.


When you know, now you know, yes you know – how can you say “No”?

you get it now, right? So sit back and let the experiences continue to flow

Through your head, touching your heart and heating your soul

trust me – if we’re “spiritual beings” that must be our goal.


Don’t’ half-step – walk proud, strong, confident and sure

fall down, rise up, stumble – get back up and continue to endure.

It may seem hard, look difficult, tougher, higher – look bigger than you

but we give birth, conquer mountains, survive wars, erect buildings, are black, love white, kiss same… sex – this much is also true!


We are, “Spiritual beings having a human experience…” – so make yours sing, dance, laugh and live

look – no matter what you do, please don’t forget to give

The thanks that is due to the world, our world, this place, our universe

for the freedoms, the expressions, the creativity, the seasons – the diverse.


The seasons keep changing – rain, leaves, snow, the sweltering heat

ebbs and flows, pushes and pulls, stops, starts, yeses, no’s, wins and oh yes, some defeat.

See, life is not a game – it’s a dance, a duet, a ménage-a-plenty, it’s a revolution

for the strong to make a path, take the hand of the weak – with one desired outcome – yes… Love. Evolution.













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