r-i-p-carey-gabayCarey Gabay has died. May he now rest eternally in peace. I pray for his loved ones the salve for their grieving and broken hearts. I send them my strength to help through the long days and the dark nights ahead. I ask the Universe to be gentle with their grief and kind with its healing. For them I wish for a baby boy that looks just like his father or a little girl who is told she would have been the apple of his eye. I send them my deepest condolences and my heartfelt sorrow that this is now a part of their life’s story.

For those that murdered him – I beg this world, this Universe to bestow on you a justice that is felt ten times as strongly as his end was. I ask it to inflict on you a reality that reminds you every single day of the pain and devastation you have caused. You personify the reasons people look down their noses at us, cross the street when they see us coming, follow us around in stores, don’t hire us, don’t stop their taxis and refuse to go to our neighborhoods, profile, frisk, call us “thugs”, shoot first – ask questions later, date outside the race, make me ashamed to identify with you.

My God!

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