Don’t Call 611, 311 Or Even 911. This Is Simply A Job For #1

It’s been a few days… I hope you have been very well. Don’t know what you’ve been up to, but I have been chasing my damn tail between work and school. I feel as if in a perpetual state of catch-up; sigh. So, in an effort to help myself and to prevent this condition from lingering any longer than this weekend (when I sit down to implement the practical changes necessary), I spent this past week alcohol-free (yes… no nightly Corona, “celebrating life” for me since last Friday), drinking more water, integrating a daily Probiotic (keeping my shit (no pun intended) regulated) into my regimen and, doing my utmost to pay attention to not only when I eat, but what I eat. Isn’t that impressive?!? Listen, you should absofuckinglutely (nope, did not cut out cursing) be proud of me! No beer?! Water?!? Eating hea…. No beer?!?!? Hahaha.

It’s a fact – the way most of us live may resemble the inside of a pressure-cooker or even a crock-pot (yup; a slow simmer until, well, we’re done) and, quite frankly even as we may have been able to handle the pace, the heat, the load for quite a while, even drawing admiration from those around us for our strength, determination and fortitude, we are still imploding/doing damage. The reality is, even the strongest of materials begins to erode after relentless, continuous, persistent pressure or friction.

A few posts back I mentioned experiencing some emotional turmoil and the manifestation on my physical self. Once I recognized what was happening it became my responsibility to either make the decision to let it continue or implement the steps, the procedures to handle it. What I do best is handling things. Thankfully I am very rarely daunted by challenges, responsibilities, hard work or change.

Listen… I will not sit here and write to you that all has been fixed over the past few days – I will never compromise my integrity by lying. But I will say this, “mentally, knowing that I have begun the work of paying attention to myself, have implemented steps to boost my physical health has done wonders!” It’s kind of like the relief you feel if driving along one day you get a flat tire, know exactly how to change it but alas, you forgot to put the spare back in its well, call AAA and they say, “we’ll be right there!” Peace of mind knowing help/the cure is imminent.

Will keep yall posted on any great advice I get (and can attest to its working) along the way and will certainly update on my shenanigans. In the meantime, please please please take the time to sit still, listen to your mind and body, hear what they’re saying to you and do something about any complaints they may have. Take care of you with the same diligence, vigor, single-mindedness, determination, focus, anality (just made that up) with which you take care of boo/boux.


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