Picture This…

Yesterday for the first time, I indulged in that #tbt-business… because I just couldn’t resist.

I was visiting my father last week and in helping him re-organize his home, he stumbled upon a photo album; in it? Long-forgotten photos of my siblings and me as ‘little bits’. I cannot begin to express what it meant to have proof that indeed yes, I was little once and that there had been a life before this one I am now experiencing J Seriously, what was/is the important part for me, is the impact on my heart that, well, my presence on this earth was important enough (at least to the one who took (and saved) the photo) to document. Someone understood the value in preserving a moment in time.20151026_200917-1

I hate taking pictures. No seriously… I do! The concept/act of standing to “strike a pose” is one of the corniest to me! Take a look – flip through all the photos I have posted and determine how many are staring back at you – I guarantee, that number can be ticked off on a tiny baby’s hand. IF a picture must be taken, I prefer to be caught doing something. Aside from eliminating the awkwardness for me, I also find those editorial shots to be infinitely more interesting. But, this is not the point of this post. So, let’s address this

This “selfie” business boggles my mind! I concede to the premise of the thing; but what eludes me is that those who indulge incessantly and narcissistically are not (understandably) preserving periods of time, but for many, their fascination in themselves is minute-by-fucking-minute! And what I also don’t get? If you’re spending soooooooooooo much time in front of a camera supposedly documenting the fabulous time you’re having or the amazing life you’re living, how the hell are you enjoying or experiencing either?! Think about that. When you’re stopping to “selfie” you’re inarguably freezing the moment, but dumb-ass, you’re also missing the moment – assuming both life and fun will wait patiently for you  to release ‘pause’ and hit ‘play’. Sigh.

Listen, I appreciate the snippet of my past I was privy to see; my younger self is making me smile. I look at my face then and I can certainly attribute the expression in the child-like eyes to thoughts I have now… with the grown-up version of just that expression J I look at the picture and I cock my head wondering what I thought of (my) life back then. I am grateful I have been granted a gift – especially as I approach yet another spectacular milestone. Finding this picture now seems quite serendipitous. So yes, I appreciate the value in pictures.

I have heard of an amazing story where someone taking a look on FB of a friend’s picture of her son was able to bring attention to a disease… because of a color she detected in his eyes. Amen. Pictures have been used to reunite family and loves, find lost pets and shit, to catch criminals. Pictures tell stories. No question. But what I do question… shit! Let me state it as it is – what I do denigrate is the absorption some have adopted in themselves and the belief that others share their mindless and misguided fascination! More importantly however is their seeming ignorance of the reality that every moment taken in the attempt to manipulate the image just so are precious moments wasted! Every fake pout, pucker, smile, defiant stance, failed come-hither look, etc. etc. add up to precious time you could have been enjoying and attending to your authentic life; not the counterfeit bullshit you post.

Memories are precious; they are the stuff of comfort and education. Physically looking back on an image can bring exceptional joy, peace, laughter and comfort. But, it’s the stuff in your heart, the snippets that live on your soul that will sustain you – do not miss out on experiencing those because you’re so busy searching for and applying just the right filters. Love.



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