Do You Thank So?

IMG_5398-1Goodness Gracious! We are once again at that time of year when most of us are nudged into saying the words, “Thank You”. Thank God for the constant conversations, commercials, the school and Federal closings, the pie-plans and all the turkey-sightings – because without it all I am sure that tomorrow would pass just like every other Thursday – gratitude-less and only noteworthy for its “throwback” handle.

So now that you have been put on blast a tad, might I ask, “What are you (most) grateful for? What person, situation, reality or set of circumstances should you not only have thanked God/someone/the Universe for, but should be so steeped in gratitude at your fortune, that expressing appreciation should be a constant?” Have you? Have you been smart enough to realize that – even as you may be struggling under the weight of debt or heartache, even as your living situation is no longer ideal and the strain and worry of that have carved permanent grooves between your brows, yes, even as you have heard the rumors that your company will be down-sizing and you are only now finally kicking yourself in the ass for all those times your lazy behind dragged yourself in five, ten, fifteen, half an hour late because for some reason you felt you had it like that and you’re only now realizing that those actions told them you would obviously prefer to not get out of bed at all, shit! even as you’re been feeling unlike yourself lately, a tad run-down and as if someone has taken a giant eraser and removed your shine – “Thank You!” still applies? Because well, you are alive? Or, are you one of those that are only grateful when the limited view you allow yourself presents in your favor?

Sigh. Don’t know ‘bout yall, but I am one constantly thankful fool! And I swear it seems more so for the “little things” as I am for those in-your-face grand ones. My ability, interest and desire to jump up and down clapping surfaces for Blow-Pops as much as it does for blow… oops, kidding 😉 . The honor I feel when granted a gift, your time, your energy, words, and attention, when singled out for a blessing or a lesson, when woken up yet another day to live defies my ability to adequately express. Yet, even as I struggle to find the words that convey all I feel, I never forget to say the ones that are such amazing substitutes, “Thank You”

I am in love with life. Yes indeed, I am. I am tickled pink that I am allowed to get up time and again and granted the trust to make decisions, plans and haste. I am grateful that when I fuck-up, even as the consequences may be permanent, my ability to self-adjust remains fluid. I am rendered speechless often (but not today J ) at the Universe’s belief in my strength, worthiness and bravery. Often I am moved to tears at what God presents me with – the people, opportunities, the favor… the blessings. For every tiny, small, big, great, gigantic, humongous bit of it I will continue to say, “Thank You!”

Listen, not sure about you, but I am grateful for my job and the only way I show my ass there is in a short skirt, ha-ha… so gotta go. Have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday yall! On Friday, remember how you felt yesterday and let that feeling of gratitude linger in your soul and on your tongue (let the residual taste of turkey make room for it). Never take this life and the people in it for granted; express your gratitude for it and them. And once you have finished expressing it, try this – live it.


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