This Is Not Hairsay…

My hairstylist and I had a fight. To be perfectly honest, it wasn’t much of one – when the person with the ultimate power, she, tells you that she will absofuckinglutely (she didn’t say that word, that’s mine) not be re-twisting your hair until you release it all and allow your scalp to breathe and stretch, well, fight over. But, I am a Hunter student and I did my school proud by giving my argument the “ole’ college try”. Hahahaha. So, for the past couple of days now I have been twist-less and, getting used to this very new look; it has been interesting. Let me tell you why; yes, let’s address this…

Let’s start here – as much as I grumbled, pleaded, negotiated and cried (I did), I am glad that my stylist, Lisa, stood her ground. You see, it isn’t just for her wisdom, knowledge and expertise in the hair-game she prides herself equally in her dedication to hair-care. Truth. She actually said to me, “You would like to have some hair to twist in the summer-time, right?” Ha-ha. She insisted that I see past my comfort-zone and security, forcing me to pay attention to another contributor to my overall heath.

My scalp feels great! The cold and sun have no obstruction in getting to the root of the problem; everything is free and breathing. I cannot begin to tell you how very many times I had been asked regarding my twists, “Is that heavy?”; the answer has always been, “No”. But, I must admit that these past few days of not toting them around have released me in some way; allowing for movement that I had previously devalued.

So here I am. Naturally (no pun intended) still with a head full of wild, untamed hair (kinda like me), but allowing for rejuvenation. I swear I can feel my hair doing its stretching exercises! I am beginning to realize that hair (kinda like me), does not necessarily need constant freedom, but freedom is necessary. Lisa asked me how long it had been since we started doing the twists and my answer was easy and ready, “August, 2012; when I started school”; clearly it was time. I had thought that because I had the proof of how much my hair was growing (thanks in part to her great hands and that Trini coconut oil) that that meant all was good; we could just keep going with this. She knew better. Constriction of any kind after a while, can wreak havoc – on your relationship, friendship, waist-line, finances – and, on not only the strength of one’s hair, but certainly on its continued health. Our follicles need to breathe.

I have always prided myself on my ability to easily adapt to new things; not in the least afraid of change. In fact, I demand it more than periodically (change, that is). I have always been chronically afraid of and allergic to monotony and boredom. Additionally, I have never gotten too attached to (no pun intended) my hair. I am that woman who will shave her head in a New York minute – never afraid to present ‘face’ to the world; hiding behind nothing. Okay, well, sometimes a little MAC is necessary 😉 So I had to ask myself what was it about Lisa’s very firm suggestion that had terrified me; why was the thought of literally letting my hair down so scary? Had something happened while I was busy doing life that caused me to not be as adventurous as I had previously been? Had turning fifty stripped me of my willingness to throw both caution and my middle finger to the wind and dictate I now live a more cautious existence? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

Listen, I am defiant when I need to be and certainly spontaneous and willful. I consider myself brave in some areas and fearless in others. Some think I cannot be tamed; and that thinking certainly keeps me outside their league. I say all that to say this – what I value most in this life is expertise – regardless of the type. As opinionated as I am, I willingly give it up to those who not only know their thing, but are doing it. There is nothing sexier. Someone “handling” me turns me toooooooo much on! My stylist indulged me for as long as it was safe to do so, but when it was time, knew what I needed and insisted I give it to myself (kind of like a fantastic vibrator; ha-ha). She ignored the pouting, foot-stamping and tears. She put the health of my hair above her financial gain. She demanded I take care of myself.

20160116_160143So, will be rocking the fro for a bit; loving it. Trust me, I am looking forward to the twists again in a couple of weeks before school starts, because I am not a fan of random strangers indulging their desire to put their hands in, on or through my hair – kind of like the ones thinking it okay to touch or rub a pregnant belly. Sigh. But while I do the time, watch me show my ass! Ha-ha. Seriously, I am grateful to her for making me stop and pay attention to yet another aspect of our health; she has made me realize how very much we take our hair and scalp for granted and how much stress we not only place on it, but carry there. Thank you, Lis.

A BIG shout-out to my stylist, Lisa, of HairbyLisaBailey; all yall natural ladies should check her out! She expertly marries hair-styling with hair-care… and that’s kinda rare. Thanks mama.




One response to This Is Not Hairsay…

  1. cheryl russell

    OMG! You look FAB!! What were all the tears about? You know you can rock anything! You’re lucky you have the height to go with all that hair – I would look ridiculous! Rock it girl! XOXOXOXO!


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