… And The Home Of The Slave.

Every time I hear a news report on the latest Donald Trump shenanigans, I shake my head in wonder and amazement.

But shortly after every jaw-dropping moment, I remind myself that not only the race for, but certainly the occupancy of that House have seen its share of the colorful… and more recently, the coloreds.

So, it stands to reason that since we have (further0 pissed them off with our bad-ass President refusing to know his place, lacking in appropriate gratitude for the privilege to not only speak, but to actually have millions listen and the opportunity for shelter for him and his entire brood – shit, his downright rejection of his role as a very high-profile (White) House Nigga – that we follow this colossal “oops” with someone who is dedicated to ensuring we all know exactly where we belong.

I am not one to constantly espouse my “blackness” or to see discrimination and racism in every interaction or rejection by those White people. But even I know that when one gets out of line… well, fuck the Ghostbusters, you call the “Massa”!

God bless us all (sorry Pope… we need the big guns on this one).

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