That feeling that pulls you close

pushing you right within their light.

Not the insignificant statement of possession –

that arbitrary warning clap to stay away.

No; that irresistible urge to step closer

to bridge whatever spaces there may be.

It’s not carnal.

Nor feral.

There could never be an animal named for it –

for it is neither vicious nor timid.

It throbs somewhere between strength and weakness

calling you, pulling you, drawing you, pushing you, keeping you.

It knows your name and whispers it silently –

only you can hear.

It vibrates like a breath straddling the wind,

it demands your supplication.

It tolerates no refusal.

That feeling that trips down your spine,

skips through your soul and erupts like a volcano in your body.

It curves your back and bends your will.


A lover’s glance…


Respond to Magnet.

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