Mic Check: One, Two, Three…

Black folks and Obama-lovers everywhere are congratulating themselves on his job-well-done; not so much for the past eight years (although he did good!) but, for his performance at what will (if it wasn’t already so, it most certainly IS so now) undoubtedly be his last White House Correspondent’s Dinner. If you have been unplugged and missed all the furor, catch a glimpse here (and everywhere): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FRcBiY4sc0

There are many things one could say about that man – negatively and positively. Some will undoubtedly be true; and others can be questioned. But, what I truly believe could never be questioned is that man’s swag, charisma, sex-appeal, machismo, cockiness… LORD have mercy! Never again will this or any other country have a leader and a First Lady with the panache these two people exude! Unquestionably for the past eight years they have brought, politics aside, some soul straight to the helm of this country! They have spoken, danced, flirted and strutted their way through this country and that and have interacted with us and our children in a language and manner we can finally understand and appreciate. I thank them for the color they have painted our world.

He dropped the mic! The President of the United States of America literally dropped the damn mic! The symbolism in that one action was not, will never be lost of anyone. I know it will never be on me. You see, like our president, there are moments in life when one is just done; when there truly is nothing left to do or say. Times when only the action of your strutting away is necessary. Moments when we should shut the fuck up… and drop the mic.Resized_20160428_000633

Life can be tough. Mostly our own doing. There will be those instances that test every ounce of the patience and mettle we possess. There will be those people that make us question what God must have been thinking when He allowed them to be born. Sometimes life can seem like a constant up-and-down motion – up and down on your knees. The moments between smiles and tears can seem to lessen. Failure and success start fucking and procreate. Yes, life can be tough. But my God, it can also be one of the most beautiful experiences we can have!

Okay listen, here’s my point: we will have obstacles, goddam roadblocks. We will have those that perfect target practice on our backs. When we say, “right” bet your ass they will say, “left”. Mountains will seem smooth with no foot-holds. Shit! The goddam sky will shorten its distance, cheating us out of a substantial limit. Friends will die; they will betray. Loved ones will disappoint. Children may make us question at times, “Why wasn’t I on birth control?” The color of our skin will determine our employment, salary and fog up the glass ceiling. The talented will die; the worthless will live long lives. Youth will continue to be wasted on the young. Disease will kill some, spare others. Money will be made, lost, won, stolen, swindled. Life may suck!

To this I say: “When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile and very politely say, ‘You hit like a bitch!’” Drops mic…

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