Dear (Other) White People:

Dear (Other) White People:

No. I am not addressing those of you who understand and are outraged at the atrocities (once again) being afflicted on “us” black people. I am addressing those (others) of you who turn the channel, scroll past the reports, or are quick to change the subject.

I am addressing you who in times like these seemed to have perfected the ‘black people” rolling of the eyes, signifying your disdain for what you consider our whining.

This is to those of you who, even as you have referred to us as “animals” for centuries, won’t even dignify us with an iota of the sympathy and outrage you showed for the damned gorilla or lion.

This note is addressed to you white people who are intent on disregarding what happened to two more of ours before five of who you consider yours got killed.

Shouting out to you who, at your social/political events actually form the words, “Some of my best friends are black”.

I am writing to those amongst you who attempt to dilute our cries, our pleas and our emotions with your insulting, demoralizing and disrespectful comeback, “#alllivesmatter”.

You white people who find ways to justify our murders with our pasts. Who seem to think that because I may have stolen, lied, cheated or jay-walked one, five, ten years ago, shit… last week, my future deserves to be taken from me.

Those of you who believe your sons, partners, nephews, fathers, uncles are more valuable than mine; making mine more expendable than yours.

You damn white people who rehabilitate those among you who fuck up; but fuck up those amongst ours that do.

You know, you… who push past me, step on, bump up against without an apology. Who firmly believe that you own this world (and me) and attempt to treat me and those who look like me as the third-class citizens you deem us to be.

This is to you.

Dear (Other) White People:

We are not going anywhere. We are here to stay. So, find a way to get over yourselves. Understand that no matter how many of us you kill or jail, the “animal” in us will always fuck and make more. We are angry now; so we will make stupid decisions and mistakes. But, I will pray for you. For when we stop being angry, we will begin to get strategic… and you (other) White People… if you think a black man/woman/child who is angry is something to fear, it is nothing compared to a black/woman/child who is motivated.

Dear (Other) White People:

Fuck Off.IMG-20150515-WA0000


A Black Woman With Some Cool-Ass White Friends.

(Used this pic already… but how appropriate is it?!)





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