So, yall have a new president. Yall exercised your right to vote and more importantly, your freedom to decide for yourselves. Bravo!

That man will never be my president.

Now, since that fateful election day, there has been so much emotion spilled on our streets, pages, sidewalks. Spilled from many mouths like the bile that pushes up and through when we are forced to digest something so incredibly detestable. Something that goes down, but with the miracle that is our body, is instantly ejected. Vomit.

I get it.

But I also get that in this, we will be forced to re-ingest. Because we have “spoken” we will now be forced to (for at least the next four years) watch the unfolding of the horror show we have placed on the reel and cued up. You see, we, not any of us… will ever escape the consequences of our actions. At times the effect may be delayed, but always it comes. We picked him. Some may not have voted for him. Others may simply not have voted for either. And some? Well clearly more than we thought went into their voting stations, validated their right to be there, then exercised their freedom of choice. More people than we thought… than we hoped… either liked this man enough, or more likely hated the black people in their White House more.

So now we’re all left to stomach as best we could a racist, weak, immoral, bigoted, classless, rude, antagonistic, small-minded (and, given the size of his hands, small-dicked), weak-chinned bully. All of us ‘Peters’ will certainly be paying the heavy price for the ‘Pauls’. Sigh.

I was having a conversation two days ago with an ex high-school teacher of mine who lives in Trinidad. She was asking how I felt and what I thought my plans/position would be moving forward. When it comes to Trump, I invariably get tongue-tied – my brain and thus my conversation gets arrested when trying to articulate the level of stupidity that just happened. But I was able to articulate this very clearly however – I thank him and his campaign very much for the lifting of the veil. Trump was like the test the housekeeping department employed at the hotel I once worked in – when checking for bedbugs, they would take an ordinary hair-dryer, turn it on to its highest setting and run it over the top of the exposed mattress. If there are bugs, they will be attracted to the heat and rise to the surface. Trump is that hair-dryer and all the fucking bugs/maggots have now come to the surface and been revealed!

For the next four years I will not be nation-less, but I will most certainly be president-less. On the day he swears his oath, believe I will simultaneously be swearing some oaths. I will govern myself as I know who I am and what I should do. For me there will be no one in the White House who will be qualified to teach, guide or elevate. That is no First Lady. Anybody ignorant enough to not only have chosen him once but who “stands by him” after his private disgusting behavior was made public deserves my pity. “He sure knows how to shake things up…” she said. She makes me wonder if all the times he used the word ‘immigrant” she was confusing it with “ignorant”!

Okay. You know my position. I feel sorry for us as a nation. To go from a super-power to a laughing-stock is well, laughable. The best we can hope for now if that he has around him the kind of insight that finally caused Mary J. to get a stylist and PR team that will work their asses off to clean up the tacky, ghetto, trashy image!

God bless America!




Respond to President-Defect.

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