First Class Mail

If you all remember, on October 19th, 2016 I became a US citizen.

I blogged about it,composing a letter to our president, Barack Obama.

That letter was published (in part) in the Daily News on October 31st; entitled,

“A letter from a new American”

My original letter was read by our president, Barack Obama.

On, Saturday, January 14th, 2017 I received an envelope from, The White House.

In it was this letter from our president, Barack Obama.

This is in part why this man will remain in our hearts forever…20170124_212436

A Four-Year Plan.

Good Morning America.

As we, most of us, continue to shake our heads in utter bewilderment that this “joke” has gone this far, that today is the last sane, rational or elegant day we will experience for quite some time, I urge you to just hold on.

Yes, I know, what we have seen thus far leaves little room for any hope things will improve. In fact truth be told, all signs point for them spiraling completely out of control and taking us unwillingly along with it. I know. And, I know that we deserve better. Better than this man that will be allowed to make decisions for and direct our lives with the simplistic, petty, bullish, mulish, ignorant lack of skill he has demonstrated governs his own. We deserve better than the well-placed distrust we have in who will bear the name, “First Family”. Better than the fear festering in our souls that the ‘necessaries’ we depend on will be denied us simply because we have been deemed inconsequential to another’s agenda. Better than his need to prove he has a dick, while whining it is not as small as his teeny hands suggest, trampling on our health and well-being to prove just-how-big-it-truly-is.

Yes, without any doubt we deserve better.

And, I promise us all, if we were to just hold on, we will get it.

Listen, keep the jokes and memes coming… it helps some to relieve the horror. But while we laugh, let’s also vow to keep an eye on him and his family. Despite the failings that placed him hours away from raising his hand and lying, I continue to believe in the integrity of our judicial, federal and constitutional systems. In fact, it is exactly those systems that dictate he rightfully takes his (wrongful) place tomorrow. So, they work. Tomorrow will play out as it must. But the rest will play out as it should. Will he be good for our country? No. He already isn’t. But I just am not convinced he will be allowed to do all the damage I know he is capable of.

There is a God. And, even as He has no place in politics, He has every place in humanity.

President Barack Obama wrote to me; I received the letter last Saturday from, The White House. If you all remember, after I received citizenship status last October, I blogged and sent a copy of that post to the White House, thanking him. He responded. In his letter (I promise I will post it in its entirety soon), he said in part,

I promise I will always be standing alongside you-even after I leave this Office-doing

everything I can to ensure our Nation remains a beacon of hope and opportunity for all.

I believe him. I believe that for all the tears we have shed since November 8th, 2016, this man, our President has shed many more. I believe that he has spent the past few months and still today, doing all he can to mitigate the damage that is yet to come. I believe he will continue to keep a watchful eye and his far-reaching influence around us.

Let’s do our part to help him. Let us vow to honor President Barack Obama (the last president many of us will have for four years), by becoming knowledgeable of our political and constitutional systems. Let us demand that even as some attempt to fulfill their own agendas, we implement our right to accountability; to the sustainability of our ‘checks and balances’ regulation. Let us activate the parent in us, the possessive partner, the distrusting boss, the German Shepard… and keep watch over our business. Now more than ever, we need to fully understand that, “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Government should be afraid of their people”.

Okay; this is all for now. I join you in the tears and heartache as we say, “Adieu” and “Thank you!” to our President, First Lady and First Daughters. I unite my voice with yours in wishing them well in the future. I also grieve at what will now be residing in the most powerful house in the world. But I implore you to assist me in this four-year plan…

“Let’s Make America First-Rate Again!”

We got this.

And in fact, God bless the Trumps.








How Do You Spell Success? P.U.S.S.Y.

I have noticed a pandemic where people are purporting to care, support and respect, yet their true resolve is one of the opposing intent. More often than not, this widespread disease shows up in the bowels of relationships. Now, Lord knows I am no expert on the subject of relationships, but I do consider myself one on the subject of bullshit; and ladies and gentlemen, what I am about to delve into is solidly at the front of the “Bullshit!” line. So, let’s do what we do. Let’s address this

There are codes… or maybe I should simply call them, “Dos and Don’ts” with regard to the successes and failures, the happys and sads, the wins and losses of our relationships. And, get this… implementing these thought processes is simple as shit! Indeed. Let me help you out… it’s as simple as infusing, impregnating and injecting each and every thought, thus decision with this, “This relationship is important to me”. Truly. That simple.

Think about it – when we care about our health, it’s important we are not only mindful of what we eat, but we also must pay attention to our mental and emotional well-being. If we care about keeping a roof over our heads, food in our refrigerators and clothes on our backs, showing up on time, enthusiastic and knowledgeable to our jobs is advisable. Having no desire to spend time in jail would mandate we not break the law.

Thus, having a healthy, loving, successful, reciprocal relationship demands the continuous investment in its well-being. It necessitates the implementation of that ‘pause button’ between, “Honey how are you doing?” and the unfair unleashing of rudeness simply because you are having a bad day. It requires you to denounce that, “We are always meaner to those we are closest to” bullshit and replacing it with the commitment to do exactly what’s opposite. Success in our relationships requires we retrain ourselves from thinking we are, ‘walking on eggshells” when we indulge in taking the time to pause to remember, (1) not only who we are speaking with, (2) how much we love them and (3) not only how much they love us, but more importantly how much they do not deserve our ill-treatment.

Societal laziness and its ill-parental permissiveness have us taking liberties and excusing our bad behaviors. Instead of extrapolating and honoring the good in our relationships, it has taken the beauty out of our care-nuances and convinced us they fall under the, ‘Too much work” category. The brain-washing has us catering to our emotional laziness and indulging in behavioral lethargy. Our “hellos” are taking more time than our, “goodbyes”. And, because of our own carelessness and casualness, we are invariably giving permission to others to regard our relationships the same.

This relationship is important to me”. This is not a sometimes-thing, this is an every time-thing. Behind closed doors, in public (shit! especially in public!), at the work-place, in front of family, in church, with friends. This is a life-style. It is that thing that you, ‘Never leave home without”. It must become a part of you; coursing through your veins, stamped with your DNA. If you live this, when you live this, it not only changes how you respond and react, but it changes the behaviors of those around you. Remember… people take their cues from us.

And, it won’t hurt. Promise. Placing and living our relationships on an elevated plane can only benefit our lives and enrich our experiences. I am not speaking of any disillusioned state of being. I am speaking of the care and protection we should show to indicate respect and honor. I am speaking to treating ‘love’ as a verb and not a noun. I am addressing manifesting your desire to love in success.

Yes, it is “work”; but so is “work”. One reaps financial security; the other emotional. One allows you to procure the material things you need to survive; the other guarantees you the fuel and fire you need to achieve the first. Let’s stop being so very cavalier about how we treat our partners. Let’s set standards for ourselves that far exceed their expectations. Let’s remove from our realities the fear of being called, ‘Pussy” because we seemingly bend to the wishes of partners that make us happy, that cater to us, that listen to our fears, that are the loudest cheerleaders of our victories, that stand between us and the world in protection, that encourage, that soothe and that demand our best selves. Luxuriate in that title!

Now, Lord knows I am no expert on the subject of relationships…




The Fundamentals of History – 101

I’ve never been one to be attracted to bright, shiny new things.

I am more of a vintage/been through the knocks & kinks and weathered, kinda girl.

It applies to many areas I am called upon to pick things: furniture, clothing, technology… especially, people.

I respect and honor some tarnish. A scar. Brand new will never usurp, tested, tried and true.

“New stuff doesn’t usually have the character I adore – the rust, the chipped paint… the history


The True Lil’ Kim

I only became acquainted with this Kim Burrell foolishness on New Year’s Eve during service, when (Sr.) Pastor Kevin E. Taylor openly and honestly expressed his ire, disdain and intentions with regard to her statements. Now, I could quote her words here, but by now yall should know I have a particular aversion to reprinting ignorance; so feel free to Google it yourselves. However, I am absofuckinglutely committed to speaking about it; so, let’s address this

This conversation regarding God, gays and the bible seems to be one that fascinates so many. Trying to extrapolate words, verse and meaning that seem to substantiate a position that God, wait let me be clear, YOUR God hates and condemns gays, lesbians and transgender persons has consumed so many. This sanctified, holier-than-thou position many have adopted is one that I not only marvel at, but find incredibly laughable.

Let me start here… for all of you who champion and applaud Ms. Burrell and her prophesy about gays dying in 2017, here me… “YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!” Gays will die. But so the fuck will you! Yall seem to be missing the reality that we will all die… from one thing or the other. All of you sitting on your self-made glorified, sanctified, disillusioned seats will end life the exact same way that you think we “sinners” will. So stop!

What truly amazes me is that some seem to truly believe one sin is greater or worse than another. But see, when I read the bible, I do not pick and choose the parts that work for me and ignore the rest, I sit with the fact that MY God will look at all sin, any sin equally and judge not just the sin, but the intent. MY God understands that sometimes, many times, intentions rub up against circumstance and at times, come up the loser. MY God recognizes that He is THE only God and the rest of us? Well, we are just here to try our best to do our best.

So, who the hell are you people?! How dare any of you – regardless of your position, authority or orientation, judge another human being?! Again I continue to ask… “What difference does it make to your life how I choose to live my life?!” “How does how I get down affect you?!” Because as God is my witness, what you do with whom you do it with matters none to me! Yall need to stop! Sex is the least of who a person is! Do they lie? Cheat? Steal? Murder? Commit adultery? Rape? Abuse? Those are the characteristics that should be discussed regarding another human being; not whom they get naked for and with!

Listen, some of the coolest, most honest and loving people I know belong in the LGBTQ society. Maybe that’s because members of this elite group know what it is like to be discriminated against, hated and vilified so much that they vow to live a life that is the antithesis of that behavior. Or, maybe it’s just because, like some straight folk, they are just decent, kind, loving people out here to live and let live. Imagine that. This scrutiny that is levelled at those of us who identify with any letter in that five-letter line-up is ridiculous. Or maybe not. Hmmmmmmm. People always seek to destroy that which they envy (Google the plight of blacks at the hands of whites to give you an idea what I mean).

Yes, I am disgusted! And, I am ashamed of us! In this day and age, in this year where in just a few short days we will, all of us minorities, the “others” – black male heterosexuals, black female heterosexuals, black lesbians, male homosexuals, black bi-sexuals and transgender, Christians, Jehovahs, Pentecostal, Muslims, Catholics, Atheist, immigrants, poor, middle-class, educated, uneducated, almost-educated, interracial, the list can go on – have to actualize a reality that places all of us at risk, that more than likely will cause us all to reevaluate, rethink, re-plan, remove, reorder, recalibrate… yall are taking the time to pass judgement on something as wonderful, as rare, as precious, as God-approved, as love.

No more posts.