A Four-Year Plan.

Good Morning America.

As we, most of us, continue to shake our heads in utter bewilderment that this “joke” has gone this far, that today is the last sane, rational or elegant day we will experience for quite some time, I urge you to just hold on.

Yes, I know, what we have seen thus far leaves little room for any hope things will improve. In fact truth be told, all signs point for them spiraling completely out of control and taking us unwillingly along with it. I know. And, I know that we deserve better. Better than this man that will be allowed to make decisions for and direct our lives with the simplistic, petty, bullish, mulish, ignorant lack of skill he has demonstrated governs his own. We deserve better than the well-placed distrust we have in who will bear the name, “First Family”. Better than the fear festering in our souls that the ‘necessaries’ we depend on will be denied us simply because we have been deemed inconsequential to another’s agenda. Better than his need to prove he has a dick, while whining it is not as small as his teeny hands suggest, trampling on our health and well-being to prove just-how-big-it-truly-is.

Yes, without any doubt we deserve better.

And, I promise us all, if we were to just hold on, we will get it.

Listen, keep the jokes and memes coming… it helps some to relieve the horror. But while we laugh, let’s also vow to keep an eye on him and his family. Despite the failings that placed him hours away from raising his hand and lying, I continue to believe in the integrity of our judicial, federal and constitutional systems. In fact, it is exactly those systems that dictate he rightfully takes his (wrongful) place tomorrow. So, they work. Tomorrow will play out as it must. But the rest will play out as it should. Will he be good for our country? No. He already isn’t. But I just am not convinced he will be allowed to do all the damage I know he is capable of.

There is a God. And, even as He has no place in politics, He has every place in humanity.

President Barack Obama wrote to me; I received the letter last Saturday from, The White House. If you all remember, after I received citizenship status last October, I blogged and sent a copy of that post to the White House, thanking him. He responded. In his letter (I promise I will post it in its entirety soon), he said in part,

I promise I will always be standing alongside you-even after I leave this Office-doing

everything I can to ensure our Nation remains a beacon of hope and opportunity for all.

I believe him. I believe that for all the tears we have shed since November 8th, 2016, this man, our President has shed many more. I believe that he has spent the past few months and still today, doing all he can to mitigate the damage that is yet to come. I believe he will continue to keep a watchful eye and his far-reaching influence around us.

Let’s do our part to help him. Let us vow to honor President Barack Obama (the last president many of us will have for four years), by becoming knowledgeable of our political and constitutional systems. Let us demand that even as some attempt to fulfill their own agendas, we implement our right to accountability; to the sustainability of our ‘checks and balances’ regulation. Let us activate the parent in us, the possessive partner, the distrusting boss, the German Shepard… and keep watch over our business. Now more than ever, we need to fully understand that, “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Government should be afraid of their people”.

Okay; this is all for now. I join you in the tears and heartache as we say, “Adieu” and “Thank you!” to our President, First Lady and First Daughters. I unite my voice with yours in wishing them well in the future. I also grieve at what will now be residing in the most powerful house in the world. But I implore you to assist me in this four-year plan…

“Let’s Make America First-Rate Again!”

We got this.

And in fact, God bless the Trumps.








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