More Moonlight.

Lord help us! It sure as hell seems as if we have been living under a perpetual full moon since that fateful night of the elections! Things are all kindsa helter-skelter… people took a joke seriously and now he, all his children by different baby-mothers and his current immigrant-import wife are living in Washington in the house my ancestors built! And, every day since his lease started he is hell-bent on showing us not only how incredibly stupid and ignorant he is, but how racist, bigoted, evil, petty… and dangerous! He has embarked on a course of action geared towards “sanitizing” this country of anyone he deems unworthy (and the yardstick used is even shorter than his dick!).

So, there’s that.

Then (and I lay the blame squarely at his little feet, as bad behavior begets bad behavior), some have given themselves the authority to exercise what may have remained their dormant hatred had it not been for him. They are targeting and murdering transgender citizens; seven thus far… and today is only February 28th. Seven lives taken because we allowed animals to exercise their right to vote, we did not all exercise ours and they were successful in nominating and electing the leader of their pack.

And that.

Oh! A movie about some black people won best picture at the Oscars! Can you believe it! Us people! We people! Oh! And there were gay people too! Yup. Seriously! But guess what? When it won, there was a big fat loud pale “OOPS!” because they announced as the winner, that other movie. With white people. Sigh. Then, when the error was corrected, from that moment till now, all people are talking about is the graciousness of those connected to the white movie, how well they handled that moment, etc etc. Black-gay-people-movie? Listen; continue to sit this one out; you know your rightful place.

Will it ever change?

 Then there is a feud (what else is new?) between two rappers. A water-main break in Hoboken swallowed a car this morning. Warren Buffet has promised $1M every year to any of his employees who can accurately guess the placement of each team in college basketball. The Waldorf Astoria closes its doors tonight for a scheduled two-three year renovation to become condos. E-cigarettes continue to explode in people’s pockets… yet they continue to buy them. Rihanna is being honored by Harvard as ‘Humanitarian of the Year’. People are being detained at airports. Tonight, Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric, Donald Jr and Barron’s wallet addresses Congress. I have a Spanish test in a few hours; but what is the point? He is ridding this country of anyone for me to speak with. Global Warming was fabricated by the Chinese.

Sigh. A perpetual full-moon indeed…




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