The World Is Round. Not Oval.

Everything has an etiquette; its own set of rules or protocols:

  • You wake in the morning, see people, you greet them
  • When walking down the street, the man walks on the outside of the woman
  • The knife goes to the right (blade-side inward) of the plate setting
  • The ex-partner of your “boy”, “bff” or “ride-or-die” is off limits to you
  • If you find the toilet seat down, put it back down when finished
  • When invited to someone’s home, take something as a gift
  • After being served at a restaurant or a bar, tip your server/bartender
  • Asking for something, say, “please”. Given something, say, “thank you”
  • Unless you’re related, do not open someone’s fridge without asking
  • Walk into a room and there are people there already, greet them
  • You visit someone’s home, follow their standard of living; not your own
  • Sitting in a handicap/elderly seat on the bus or subway and its needed, get your ass up
  • You’re seated and a pregnant woman is standing in front of you, get your ass up
  • Don’t speak with your mouth full of food
  • Don’t clip your nails or pick your nose in public
  • Open doors for ladies and allow them to enter before you
  • Never curse at children
  • Adhere to stated dress-standards for any function, or decline
  • When in the company of your ex and their next, refrain from any indication you once shared bodily fluids
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze and yawn
  • Put the cap back on the toothpaste tube
  • Clean up your hair from the sink and shower floor
  • Take your phone off of speaker-mode when in public
  • Take your backpack off your back when on the subway
  • You are allowed one year to give a couple their wedding present
  • When toasting, look your fellow toasters in the eye
  • The only hands that should be involved in a handshake are the right ones
  • If your engagement is broken, the ring is returned to the giver
  • If giving a present, for catered affairs the monetary value should cover the cost of your plate
  • If quoting someone, quotation marks must always be used
  • When seated at a table or in court, gentlemen remove their hats
  • The only place text-speak is appropriate is in texts
  • Always dress up for Jesus
  • We bestow upon our elders the respect due to them – both in our speech and our actions

Whew! There is so much more… feel free to address them.

But this shit right here is what had me thinking about the appropriateness of things…

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