no name

that thing so very many struggle to adequately put into words words that will do it justice is the quest we seem to have been on for centuries centuries that have not brought us any closer to answers that measure up up there where the air is so rare rarely are we ever able to pin it down to pinpoint exactly where it started what is feels like like a breeze it touches us gently wafting beautiful memories and scents our way caressing our skin our soul our heart with its melody and strokes taking us up there riding so high we lose sight of all that is on the ground grounding us when it is good for us and breaking the anchor when it is not nothing feels as good as this this thing we are yet to adequately explain to ourselves to each other others have tried but gotten nowhere where were you when it happened to you do you remember remember when your palms got sweaty your cheeks flushed color stained your face your neck your entire body when the breath caught in your throat and you were left speechless breathless weightless when you could not remember your own name name that feeling if you dare dare to ascribe any word in the dictionary that does justice to it it is that thing that rides in on its own wave it does not borrow yours hers his theirs their wave is not good enough enough of this confusion would you name it it is bigger than you badder than you it is the thing that wakes you in the morning morning when all hope is renewed it puts you to sleep at night with a smile on your lips lips that have been licked and kissed by your lovers mouth it gives you the fuel to push on to push through to conquer all demons demons that cringe at the mere demonstration of this thing thinking it has been created to thwart its power powerful strokes that leave you breathless panting wanting sated screaming his name her name gods name in the name of every father no one can help help for this ache is not coming but you are arent you you have fallen deep into the abyss of weightlessness of dreaminess of hopelessness but this is what happens when you hope less and believe more more than you could ever imagine you deserve this this thing that will not be named as no name does it justice justice for all who suffer supposedly in the name of it it was not put here to cause pain pain is the reason it was put here here you go any answers yet yet you still indulge in the moments momentarily losing your mind mindful of the pitfalls bumps minefields fields of dreams they say but what exactly do they know know that they know as little as we we keep touching feeling stroking caressing yearning moaning groaning feeling things in our groins and loins that have no name no place no space no time time for answers now now that you have tasted it on your tongue rolled it around licked it up dipped in again gone back for seconds thirds fourths lets move forth lets go back for seconds wait just one second here here is where you are knee deep on a ride and you have hit repeat asked for a do over over and over again you experience the pain the pleasure the anticipation anticipating it must end this goodness cannot last forever forever is a myth anyway any way you can you should hold on strap in ride it out until there is no more left left right yes move there just like that that thing that you do is my heaven heaven can wait wait until you arch your back back up on it until you touch it it is yours right right left just like I like it it feels so good just there there is no name for this this is too much much has been written about it it continues to defy explanation exclamation is the point to make here here is what I know know that in all my life this thing is the very best thing there is is there a reason for it being this good good god yes yes indeed there is is your heart beating blood running through your veins pumping life into you you better believe there is a plan plan for it it is due you you were made to thrive to touch feel scream dream to stand at the edge of the world and point to what you want wanton desire and all all is yours you are all love

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