As a budding student, it is indeed my responsibility to protect what is allowed to pass my ear passages and enter and lodge itself in my brain. So, I admit to not paying too much attention to Mr. Trump. Truthfully, I find it unnecessary to tune in multiples times a day to hear his latest display of bigotry and ignorance, because, well, if it is one thing we can all depend on, is that he will never disappoint in those arenas. The man is nothing if not consistent! However, every once in a while something infiltrates; as it did a little ago. So, I ask for your understanding and forgiveness in advance as I deviate from addressing those people, things and issues that warrant our attention, scrutiny and that honor our intellect… and just for a bit, address lunacy.

“There is blame on both sides…” Yes; this is Mr. Trump’s position as it relates to the (again) unspeakable tragedy that has unfolded in Charlottesville. “There is blame on both sides.” Before I go into just how many ways this is offensive, let me be fair and state this – there are absofuckinglutely many occurrences, instances and happenings where blame can be levelled if not equally, at least attributed to either side. Certainly there are those experiences where, when the dust has settled and everyone goes about the business of clean up, part of what must be handled is the, ‘who did what to who first and then as a consequence of’. Yup. Been there. Shit! I have even been embroiled in those situations where it was damned near impossible to determine if the chicken came before the egg; all that one knew for certain was that both those suckers came! Understood.

But not the fuck here! To have the take-away in this tragedy be that both sides were to blame, so in fact to exonerate the heinousness of what that racist fuck did is egregious on a scale that defies all decency, humanity and logic! To adopt a position of non-accountability for this murderous level of hatred is unspeakable! And, to have that sentiment come from the loose-lipped mouth of the leader of this country? Well, here we are. This man, Mr. Donald Trump has, with these words of accountability leveled at the peace-makers and non-accountability levelled at the racists, signed an Executive Order for murder! He has:

  • Given every rapist the right to rape because the victim wore a short skirt
  • Given every abuser the right to abuse because she didn’t cook his dinner on time
  • Given every employer the right to fire because he/she dared to grow too old
  • Given every homophobe the right to stump, spit on and kill because he/she dared to love differently
  • Given every parent the right to abuse or kill their child because they won’t stop crying
  • Given every stalker the right to stalk because he/she dared to become a celebrity
  • Given every white man the right to hang us because well, we’re black

This fuck has found a way to justify hatred and murder. He has taken away the protection of many, by exonerating the guilty. Sigh.

“There is blame on both sides…” And a racist, bigoted, hateful, ignorant, small-minded, tiny-dicked, egotistical, maniacal, bullying, tantrum-having, weak-jawed, deeply flawed asshole smack dab in the middle! #triangle

One response to #Tri(this)angle

  1. Gloria

    Amen. And WTF!!! He is not the first racist to hold that office, but he damn sure is the loudest!!! Pray for us ALL!!!


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