Left, Right. Left, Right. Left, Right. Okay. Ummm… Right.

You know… initially I was as offended and outraged as most at that idiot’s latest decision that highlights and supports his continued efforts and intent to further segregate this country and foster feelings of hatred, bigotry and malice.

Initially I was stupefied, bewildered and fuming because of his decision to disallow and remove all transgender individuals from serving in this country’s armed forces.

However the more I think of it, I am grateful. You see…

There is nothing more these souls need to prove; they have already proven how incredibly brave they are.

There is no other fight they need to fight; they have already conquered their greatest battle.

There is no other victory they need to have; they have already gained the biggest win in/of their lives.

So, purely by accident and unintentionally did that idiot do something to honor these extremely brave men and women. And for that even as I continue to scream, “Fuck You!” in this one instance only I will add, “Thank You.”



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