Dear White People:

I understand that for most of you, life has been set up in such a way that giving thought to anyone else – especially black people – is alien to you. I understand that since birth, most of you have been made to feel as if only your needs, wants and dreams matter and that this universe of ours truly belongs solely to you and those others who look like you. White People, I get that your worlds have been so white-washed that for you, oftentimes you are not even trying to be obnoxious, racist or dismissive… you truly find those that look like me, invisible. I recognize that those who look like me only come into focus for you in very specific ways:

  • We wash your clothes
  • We cook your food
  • We take care of Buffy, Shelby, Skylar and William, the third
  • We clean your floors, make your beds and scrub your bathrooms
  • We serve you in restaurants and take you to your tables
  • We fight your wars so your sons and daughters can remain safely at home
  • We wash your cars, mow your lawns and drive you to and fro
  • We are the beggars that make you clutch your children closer
  • We are the ‘hoodlums’ that make you clutch your bags tighter
  • We are the illicit ‘wet dreams’ of your husband and sons
  • We are the scandal of your daughters

I get it.

I get that for you, what you have been taught and what you then teach your children allow for you to:

  • Put your feet up on the public seats others will then be sitting on
  • Push past others with nary a thought for asking permission or forgiveness
  • Address those in authority and their elders by their first names
  • Indulge the whims of your little ones at the expense of others’ time, hearing or patience
  • Justify the illegal, narcissistic and entitled behaviors of your own, by throwing money at mine
  • Believe no rules or laws apply to you
  • Trample on my rights in the name of your belief at the purity of your bloodline

I could go on.

But, White People, I will need for you all to stop. I will need for those of you with some sense (and those are the ones who are my friends) to speak to the others; they are giving you all a bad rep. I will need for you all to understand that not only is this black woman not going anywhere, but neither are the million+ others who look like me. I will need for you all to recognize that, racist, bigoted, ignorant, destructive, narcissistic, bullying president aside, you all are not the superior race! I truly will need for you all to stop giving birth to and raising little people, who grow into big people who continue to perpetuate your delusions and foolishness! Teach your damned children some manners! Have them put their fucking feet on the floor where they belong! Because they are allowed to lie in their beds in your home with their sneakers on, does not mean I should sit my expensive-ass-clothed-ass on what they have trampled through!

I need for you all to begin to realize we are here, slaying and staying! Recognize that Oprah, Barack, Michelle, Martin, Malcolm, Nelson, Rosa, Michael, Bob, Whitney, Biggie, Muhammad, were not flukes. And, there are more where they came from!

Dear White People, I’m going to need yall to get over yourselves now, hear?


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