Bully For You!


So, I’ve recently joined the Twitter community. I admit it was neither my idea, nor did I succumb willingly. I did so on the advice and the insistence of a very trusted marketer. Now that I have done so, I further admit to being in awe of the fact that through this medium, I like you, am able to reach anyone. I am able to have two hundred and eighty-character conversations with people I would never meet; some people I would never want to meet. Like Trump.

I ‘follow’ him. I do so because it allows me access to his minute-by-minute rants, his bullshit and a front-row seat to witness the incongruity of a madman legally allowed to not run, but to ruin this country. And, I tweet him. Almost daily. Sometimes a few times a day. I tag him so there is no mistake I am speaking to him. Cursing at him. I tell him how much of an asshole he is. I tell him how petty, destructive and vile he is. What a narcissist. How small his dick. How his mind mirrors his dick in impotence. I tell him I wish we could all go back in time and give his parents free birth control. And, I invariably end each tweet with either, #fuckyou or #fucktrump.

Judge Judy has said that one cannot be held libelous or cited for slander if what they have said is true; I wonder if that is what I am depending on? The fact that all I say to this contemptuous man is the truth, will that wrap me in protection (the same type his parents should have used when fucking) if, as I have been cautioned, the Secret Service comes looking for me? I am joking, of course; there is no way the SS could possibly round up everyone who curses that asshole! And, as eloquent as I may think myself being, God will have to be truly pissed at me if I am the one used as an example!

Having said that however and Constitution aside, isn’t it a tad interesting that so many of us are able to access a medium that allows for contact with someone in his position? Yes, I understand fully that he is an easy target, that his narcissism is partly to blame for both our reach and our words; but still… doesn’t it strike you as off-putting that we can? Do you ever cock your head to the side, those of you on Twitter, in awe that now, the only barrier between us and world leaders, political figures and celebrities, is a key-pad? Are you as intrigued as I that our world has evolved so very much that, within the specified number of characters, you could applaud, agree with, berate, beg, encourage, celebrate, shame, inform or bully?

I hate Trump. Let’s be very clear on that. I find him small-minded, egotistical, racist, mealy-mouthed, abusive, childish, destructive, antagonistic, petty and narcissistic. I am embarrassed by what we are now presenting to the rest of the world. I hate him because, by his actions he has exposed all our asses and has rendered us all extremely vulnerable! I hate him because I believe him to be an abusive husband (let us all never forget that moment during the inauguration when he literally wiped the smile from his wife’s face!). I hate him because through his ignorance and pettiness, he is seeking to undo all the good our president, Barack Obama had done on all our behalf. Simply because he can. Simply because he is petty. Simply because we dare to admire, support, respect and miss the fuck out of that black man!

But with every tweet am I not sliding into the realm of cyber-bullying? Aren’t my words, as justified as I believe them to be, the precise behavior we encourage our children against committing? Am I not in violation of maintaining a respectful cyber presence and committing some crime or the other by using my words to harm? Because let’s be clear, my intent is to have him read it. To have my words touch a particle of him that will cause one corner of his ridiculous toupee to curl and itch! I unleash onto him the type of disrespect and hatred I feel he is levelling at us. But again, I ask, simply because I believe it true and countless others may agree, does that excuse my using Twitter to attempt to shame and ridicule? You see, I have nieces. I have God-babies. So, what will I tell them? That depending on the audience, it is okay to break the law? That given the right motivation, (cyber) bullying is permissible? That if given good reason, it is okay to shame? Am I right in telling them it is okay to behave as badly as the person you are now focused on? That if they make it easy, “go for it!”?

I cannot promise I will stop cursing this man; but I will try. I will do so not because he deserves it; but because I refuse to sit next to him in the sub-level he inhabits. I have realized that if I/we continue to inhabit this space we do – the space of humanity, fairness, respect – he will never find us… his elevator cannot rise that high.

In the meantime, here is some of what I have said to him…


One response to Bully For You!

  1. Hahaha. I predict you shall soon be blocked. And at that point you know you have achieved your goal of reaching one small corner of what is already a small mind. But I suppose as much as we hate to admit it, at that point, it is also bullying. 😦


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