My Birthday Exposed My Birthmark And My Birthright.

Sometimes things happen subconsciously. Like avoidance. I realized this morning that I, unbeknownst to me, had been avoiding posting… because my friend is not here to read and comment. Then I remembered… you all are. I did not realize I was suspending my voice; but now that I do, let me correct that.

How are you all? What has been happening? Is everyone in your world behaving? Most probably not, as the holidays are upon us and absolutely nothing brings out the worst in people/families like weddings, funerals and yes, the damn holidays! Sigh. There certainly is something to be said for the angst that settles upon us sometimes simply at the thought of those who bear our DNA all gathered in one spot. Lord have every mercy! Good luck, yall!

But guess what? This will brighten the mood I just plunged you in with that little reminder of what’s to come… it was my birthday on Saturday! Yep; I was able to tick off yet another year on this magical journey and look excitedly at the onset of another. This new year of mine holds so much to look forward to; I can scarcely catch my breath!

So, what did I do to mark the occasion, you ask? Well, this year for reasons unknown to me, I decided I wanted to head to D.C. So, that is precisely what we did. Then I decided that since I was there, it would be spectacular to start the day of my birth paying homage to my ancestors. It would be fitting for me to thank them for life. My life. So, we headed to the National Museum of African American History. And, because God and I have called a truce since my latest crisis in faith, he arranged it so that on that morning, at 6:32am, I was fortunate enough to go online to their site and get four free passes for that day. And, to lead me to the right security guard at the entrance who overlooked the fact that there were five of us… with only four passes.

My mind is still compromised! Being in that space, surrounded by and faced with what had been done to my great great great great great great great great great great grand-mothers, grand-fathers, grand-everythings, touched and is touching me in places and spaces that had, until that moment, remained private. They are no longer so. Emotions, questions, confusion, bewilderment and sadness have been pushed to the surface of my soul and is leaving me changed. I am even more flabbergasted at the atrocities we are capable of inflicting on each other… in the name of, what exactly?! Whew! I was and am humbled by the words that convey sentiments of people I have never met, but know all too well. The words and emotions of what they experienced, then  shared, just so that I would not have to. My God!

You know, my intention was to tell you of all of my celebration, but I will stop here. Rest assured it was spectacular and I thank all who contributed with their presence, presents, calls, texts, postings, singing and cards; all amazing expressions of love. Thank you. But I will stop here so that the greatest gift I have ever gotten will have its moment to resonate. The gift of life; given to me by my ancestors. The gift of freedom; gifted to me by my ancestors. If you have not yet gone to see that commemoration of history, go. You should. You must. You owe it to yourself and to our world, moving forward. Black or white. Shit! Black and white! The former to understand where we came from and what our ancestors sacrificed for us. The latter to see where we came from and what our ancestors scarified for us… because of yours.

Here are the details on how to experience it:

On the first Wednesday of every month the museum makes available free timed passes online (these tickets cannot be purchased). When I went on the first Wednesday in November, there were only passes available for February 2018 and beyond (yes; it is that popular!). However, every day starting at 6:30am, you  are able to go online and try to secure same day timed passes, if there is any surplus. The maximum allowed any one person is four; so if going to be more of you going, I recommend more than one of you tries at the same time (although three of us tried for last Saturday and I was the only one successful!). On weekdays, you are also able to walk up to the museum and potentially get passes for immediate entry. Here is the site: Go. Trust me. It disturbs your soul. But, our souls should be disturbed.

Let me know what you feel.

No more posts.