I Refuse To Ca[r]ter To It!

So, the Carters have announced their first collaborative full-length album. But for me, this is not the news.

Let’s address this

This morning on GMA when this was announced, naturally everyone was all a-twitter about what this meant and how it signifies, apparently to the world, the fact they had “made it” past their and I quote, “marital troubles.” To substantiate this, they [GMA] showed clips from Lemonade and 4:44 that were geared to remind us just what those “marital troubles” had been and then they showed a clip of a Jay Z interview when he was waxing eloquent… well, eloquent for a cheating black man, about the fact that the divorce rate was fifty percent and the reason for that? Well, in case yall did not know, the reason, according to that particular cheat, is the fact that no one stays and works things out. Yes folks, the divorce rate is at this high not because of cheats like him, but because after they cheat, the wronged parties bail instead of “working it out.”

He said that. And, was quite smug when he did so! It was as if he thought he should get a fucking award for the fact that his wife, instead of treating him as badly as he treated her and treating herself better than he did her, decided (for God knows what reason) to stay with his cheating, disrespectful ass! He truly sounded as though he has attained some higher moral plane because they decided to “work it out!” What the fuck is wrong with him?! And, heaven forbid, us, if we buy into this shit?! Just how does a cheat get to change the narrative? Did she allow that when she decided to stay? So it no longer is about the offense but we are to shift our focus to the fact they are not contributing to the divorce rate?! Wow! VERY well done! (Oh… in case you missed it, that was my sarcastic voice). So, their “we made it” collaboration (the album, not the twins; although…) is their proof to us that their love is strong, renewed and sustainable. Okay.

I do not know about you, but this one is ridiculous to me. I am a huge fan of God’s and am well-acquainted with forgiveness (in theory, not so much in practice). There is not the scenario that will ever allow me to forgive my partner for being unfaithful; whether once or the multiple times he has committed the offence. But if I were to ever allow my self-esteem and self-regard to plummet so low that I kept on standing at the side of a cheat, never will I allow their participation in a narrative that shifts the focus from their sin to the sad state of affairs in our world. Never will they be allowed to be anything other than infinitely grateful and awed at my allowing their presence at my side. “The reason the divorce rate is at fifty percent is because people give up and refuse to work at their problems.” Nigga (pardon my ineloquence), the reason the divorce rate is at fifty percent is because people like you broke your vows, disrespected your partner and children and those partners refused to accept it!

But listen, all you forgiving souls go ahead and buy their album, give them your money and enjoy.


3 responses to I Refuse To Ca[r]ter To It!

  1. Lorraine Blackman

    Giiirrrrl … I so agree with you! It is his cocky, holier-than-thou attitude I can’t take. As much as I like Beyonce’s music (I really don’t like some of her recent stuff), I will not be buying or downloading their music.


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