How I’m AdDressing It.

The last six months, I have been carefully grooming, nourishing and attending to an idea. Actually, now that I type those words, I realize the fundamental flaw in them. I realize now that I have been nourishing this idea for years. In fact, you all were a part of the germination of it. Truly. You all do remember how this started, yes? Back in 2014 with my first post and my simultaneous thirty-day dress (only) challenge (that lasted thirty-five days before I remembered to count)? Well, that fateful day back then was where I slipped. This, today, is where I fell.

This summer, I will be opening a dress (only) shoppe. It will be called, DRESSed Up. Where I fell

Through my shoppe, I will be partnering with a shelter to clothe other survivors (you remember I am also one, yes?) of domestic abuse. This program, infinitely precious to me will be called, reDRESSed. Where I slipped

(The below article was published yesterday in the Lifestyle section of Trinidad’s national newspaper, The Guardian).

One response to How I’m AdDressing It.

  1. Lids

    Awesome D!!! You deserve nothing but the best. I am confident that your labour of love will be a HUGE success. Will definitely come by to support you.


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