About Me:

I am very partial to quotations; but the one I scoff at the most, because I find it incredibly trite, is “everything happens for a reason”. Okay…of course it does.

So, I will not say that I got to this point in my life because of this-that-or the other-thing; but I will say that the experiences I have been fortunate enough to have had, both the good and not-so-good ones, have taken root and sprouted this need to express and share of myself.

Listen, we all have stories and opinions; I am definitely not unique in that. Somewhere in all of us, I suspect we also have the desire to give someone “a piece of our minds” (although some of us shouldn’t give away the little piece we do have left); so, why not do it?

Some days, I know that the things I say, the feelings I express and the insights I have are spot-on. Other days, not so much; and those are the days you will not see a post; at least from me. But seriously, what is the value in having an amazing life, knowing fantastic people, having experienced life-changing moments and garnered invaluable knowledge, to then keep it to myself?

Okay, you may not always agree with or like what I share; in fact, I promise you won’t. But, I also don’t expect you to; how “vanilla” would that make life? Yuck. But here’s the thing – I want to hear your thoughts, I want to learn from you; I promise to appreciate your input.

So, let’s begin. Let’s Address This

If you decide to join me on this journey of words and expression, you will quickly realize that there is an obvious slant toward the issues, thoughts, feelings, opinions, shit, even the dress code that affect women. Once you get to know me better (and it is my intent that you do), the purpose for this becomes clear – and the fact that I am one is the least of it.

Periodically, there will be by-lines by some men whose opinions, even if I don’t always agree with, I trust and value; because in reality, aren’t we walking around with a rib or two of theirs? We really should try to understand them better J

The other day I heard something, a quote, that so resonated with me that I feel in another life, I may have coined it. However, I didn’t; and, plagiarism is still considered quite naughty. So, all credit to the originator of these insightful, inspirational and deliberate words that sealed everyone’s fate with me and this blog:

Make your Mess your Message…

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